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Post by christ_zwacc on Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:55 am

THE Aztekas Los Santos

Christ was born in Los Santos Unity Village and was living with his father.Christ Fathers name is Christofer Zwacc the aztecas leader. Christ didn’t know the behavior of a man because he didn’t meet his mother. His family was poor and his father needed to go Las Venturas to find a better place to work.My father's gang member trust them to care me very well his name is Carlo. So Christ moved in carlo's house in Mulholland. There he met Fernando , Alberto and Cesar. All of them were in Christ situation same broke ass niggas all from broken ass families.Carlo was old and he tried to watch after Christ and give him a better education but he died of old age. Christ understood the situation which caused him to mature earlier. At least Christ had a place to live because he inherited Carlo’s house.

. His parents were still together but that doesn’t mean everything was good. His mother was very abusive would watch his father beat his mom like she was a man tried to help, well he would be the new punching bag. In order for Christ became good friends real was raised by his father alone. His mother raising and when she was 5 her grandmother put her
up for adoption. Then was placed with a happy family in all saints village but didn’t think it was all fun and games. She became a rebel, he would stay out till 2 AM just riding her bike around by herself. One night she headed over to Market just exploring and he ran into They got to talking and became great friends and he eventually left home and stayed

Ian was a very quiet kid growing up in Market. His father was a single father who would do what it took to feed his child. He was juggling jobs between South side locotes and the local 24/7. He ended up getting on crack and spending all his money on drugs. would go outside four hours to avoid his father when he was using. He ran into Christ and they then later met Best friends were then set.

The Rase of Aztekas Los Santos

The Best Friends Christ and Ian
Ian was a Gangster so When Christ and Ian was walking on the Glen Park some Glen Park Ballas saw Ian and The friends run but Ian was Shut by a Ballas so Christ cant do any thing so he was angry and there we go he made a Front Yard Aztekas to take revenge on the Ballas Gang.

The End!!!!

Gang Leader:Christ_Zwacc

Starting Member's:

Gang Skin:
1.Skin ID: 114
2.Skin ID: 115
3.Skin ID: 116
4.Skin ID: 173
5.Skin ID: 174
6.Skin ID: 175

Gang Rank's
RANK 1:Kid
RANK 2:Member
Rank 3:Old School
Rank 4:Senores
Rank 5:O.G
Rank 6: Founder

1. Never dis-Respect a +4rank Player
2. stay away from fights your not invited to or involved in.
3. Family comes first
4. Look for the best opportunity and share with the family unless you talk to the head owner
5. Never danger the lives of other family members and don't danger the lives of innocent people
6. Never co-operate with the enemy
7. Be proud to say our name
8. Never sell drugs to little children
9. Never co-operate with the police
10. Dont rat on any member or people involved with other family's
11. Never say "Never", there is always a second chance
12. Dont back down
13. Be the best
14. Do what you can for the other members
15. end conversations with a "W" sign to everyone
16. always stay aware
17. carry a weapon into every situation



Sign by:Christ_Zwacc


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Re: Please support

Post by Brad Lason on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:12 am

Please change the Title of this Topic to your Family's name and also maybe get some starting members other then just you, this might help you to get this Application accepted.
Brad Lason

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