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The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia

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The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia Empty The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia

Post by Hyman Blindfall on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:28 am

The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 24o6b5w

Name of the gang?: The Corleone Mafia

What kind of gang it will be?: The GodFather

Name of the leader: Hyman Blindfall

Co-leaders (max 2): Alex & Christ

Biography (min 1,000 words):

The Godfather:Part I (1972)

The Godfather was probably the first american mafia that brought the real-life cosa nostra and mafia to reality on the screen. The mafia, nothing short of genius, a masterpiece. The GodFather, being more than a mafia (which puts Goodfellas, Casino and The Sopranos to shame) tells about poverty, the turn of the century, a family, and the hypocracy of politics in America. It is a historical, all the events are said to be true in one form or another, and it accurately depicts the era of pre and post World War II America. Many Italian-American defamation groups oppose The Godfather, bundling it with the above mentioned movies such as Goodfellas, Casino, Sopranos, and with all due respect to Martin Scorcese, DeNiro and the rest who made those latter, there is really no comparison, they are completely in different leagues. In my opinion, The Godfather was tastefully done, whereas Goodfellas showed the true ugliness and "cavoneness" of the modern mafia. The Godfather teaches a real history of the intricacies of the Sicilian Mafia, the culture, the language (done in the true Sicilian dialect), it teaches about food, family, pride, and again the contradictions and the hypocrisy on so many different levels.

The GodFather itself was put together with a bunch of mafia tests featuring the role of Michael Coreleone as both Hyman Blindfall and James Cann. The truth is that the Paramount never wanted Hyman Blindfall in the main case. They constantly tried to get Francis Ford Coppola to fire and replace him. Additionally, the Godfather I and Godfather II were gonna back to back, and Coppola insisted on keeping Hyman Blindfall in the lead.

The Godfather Part II, (1974)

The Godfather Part II was the first sequel to win and because of that I have included it’s locations here without worrying that I haven’t included those of the first american mafia. Of course the New York locations are great, lots of location staples like Vazak‘s Bar, 108 Avenue B, East Village, where the Rosato brothers attack Pentageli. This bar was also used in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ (it’s where Mick picks up the guy in drag), ‘Rent’ and by Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel in ‘Angel Heart’ (that’s an old one, it’s a supernatural who dunnit.). New York’s oldest coffee house, Caffe Reggio in Greenwich Village, and Tomkins Square are also recognisable New York locations. But the main location for me is Corleone, which is a real town in Sicily, but in nearby Taormina, which is smaller and more rustic looking. Though I went to Taormina on a filgrimage (film pilgrimage), I had convinced my travelling companion that it’s a nice place to holiday, which it is - just like in the image there was golden sunshine, traditional looking architecture and fields and mountains to wander. It’s built in a gully at the base or a mountain and has got a castle, a greek amphitheatre and good beaches and some interesting ruins. The story of the Mafia is fascinating and if you go to Sicily read up on it before hand to get an idea of what Takes place where.

The Dominican Republic was used for Cuba and the town of Trieste in northern Italy was used to shoot Ellis Island.

The Godfather:Part III (1990)

The same cup of tea symbolized in The Godfather III was also subject of the Leonard Nimoy Series entitled In Search Of, which documents the greatest mysteries of all time, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the mysterious death of a new Pope days after he was appointed. The cup of tea could have been the only cause of the Pope's death, but the Vatican Government and church would not allow an autopsy. Here in the Eastern States it is rumoured that the Lucchese crime family of Newark, NJ was responsible for this. The new pope had ultra conservative ideas and were very selective about where the Vatican and Roman Catholic church should get its investors from. Money laundered and invested by powerful organized crime families was not one of them, and all those previously invested were frozen from those organized crime families. This again, is all speculation and is only the suggestion of the Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather Part III.


The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 2qd08k6

Unique rank name list:
6)The GodFather
5)The UnderBoss
4)The (right-hand)
3)The (left-hand)
2)The (Private)
1)The (Corporal)

Starting members (min 6, dont add leader):

ID and photo of family skins:

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 23jj3vk

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 2vj2ycg

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia S1q04z

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 2s7aw4m

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia Sz8poo

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia 28kt5ds

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia E141f4

Skin ID -The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia Ctafd

Your in-game level?:29

Do you have $1,000,000 in bank?:Yes

List your past gangs/factions:

US-RP :West Diamonds , 18's Street Syndicate , Grape Street Saints , Los Santos Police Department , Los Santos Fire and Medical Department , San News , La'onda , National Guard , Government , 1nation , LSFMD , Grove Street Families . SA** : Shadow Complex , Grove Street Families , Glen Park Ballaz , San Fieroo Racers . NG** : Varios Los Azticas , Grove Street Prememiums , LSPD .

List your past leadership experience:

Hitman Agency
Hitman Director
Grove - Me & Loy Jet
Crips - Cristian King & Cholo & Me
Crips - Skaffa & Steven Lara & Me
Crips - Damien Lacy & Bobby Valentino & Me
Ballas - Me & Paco Rodricaz/Paco Gomez
And a lot more I can't remember.

Have you read gang/point rules & regulations and do you agree with them?: Yes[/IMG]

Hyman Blindfall

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The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia Empty Re: The Corleone Family -The GodFather Mafia

Post by Brad Lason on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:18 am

Please fix the Biography, it only has 723 and it's suppose to have atleast 1000, also please do not lie about your in-game Level and/or Money, oh and please add the last name of the members in your Family, you only have their first names and I'm not sure if they are even real players or not.
Brad Lason
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