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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury Empty Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

Post by Brian on Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:42 am



Organization Nationality:

Gang Story:
During the mid 80s, gang warfare in Los Santos was at its highest point in history, local Kingpins and drugs were on the up rise like never before.
The two most notorious gangs of these times were both at war and were showing no initiation to stop the bloodshed. One of the two gangs went by the name of "BN" which stood for Bleeding Nigga's. They called themselves that due to the vast amount of former Bleeding Nigga party members. Due to its affiliations, the "BN's" were known as the most tactical and true black organization in the United States of America. Even the cops loved them for its "ride or die" attitude. The other gang who was at war with the "BN's" were known as "FB", standing for Full Blood. They named them selves "FB" because they've never got injured in battles and also they dont have any mercy to their enemies. "FB" was fearsomely known for its way to torture "snitches" who tried to rat them out.

Both gangs had their good and bad points, lucky enough for both, they're weak points were both opposite's to each other. The "BN's" had a large intake for tactical strategic methods, where as the "FB's" had a lot of muscle and fire-power. The muscle in the FB's was that powerful, that even the mob used them for protection.

After long spread violence between the two rival gangs, members started to die off, mainly sustained from gun shot wounds. The bloodshed followed up into the high ranks as time went by until one of the Under Bosses of the "BN's" was castrated into little pieces. This led Full Blood to plot an assassination on the "BN's" leader 's son, "Victor Drazen". After the failed assassination the two gangs came together and made a truce, but like most truces, it only lasted a few months until they were in a full scale war again. This time, the "FB's" managed to succeed an assassination and killed the Bleeding Nigga's Leader, "Ben "Zipper Bear" Ballits". His son, Victor Drazen then took control of the "BN's" and waged a full scale war against Full Blood having Carl "Bone" Williams, the leader of FB murdered while in his sleep.

They then went back to ceasing the Rivalry, but this time it would last forever. The two gangs came together, they stopped the warfare, they become one, only to be known as... Bloodz

((OOC Story))
I'm an experienced GTA roleplayer. The old server i used to play on is dead because the owner chosed his wife instead of us his players so i decided to play on SA-RP but the server is "/fail" so i went here and i figured out that this server is the right one for me to play on ...

Gang Members:
Brian_Fury only me for now

Gang Ranks:
Leader (Rank 6) Skin 144
OG (Rank 5) Skin 22
Ridah (Rank 4) Skin 142
Hustlah (Rank 3) Skin 180
Gangsta (Rank 2) Skin 170
Young Gangsta (Rank 1) Skin 19

(Girl skin 195)

Gang Ranks Description:

Leader (Rank 6)
Info: a Leader's Job is to control the gang and make sure everything is in order. He is responsible for keeping the gang under control.

OG (Rank 5)
Info: an OG, which means Original Gangsta is a verteran gang member of the gang thats been given the status of OG through serve loyalty and honor.

Ridah (Rank 4)
Info: a Ridah's job is to train Young Thugs and take over points so that people know who we are!

Hustlah (Rank 3)
Info: a Hustlah is a Soldier of the gang and that showed he/she can manage on his/her own.

Gangsta (Rank 2)
Info: a Gangsta is a Soldier of the gang and his/her Job is to hold down the gang.

Young Gangsta (Rank 1)
Info: a Young Gangsta is a new person in the gang that is on Training and will be in Training from a few days up until 2/3 weeks maybe even more depending on how he/she is. he/she must prove their worthy and loyalty to the gang


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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury Empty Re: Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

Post by Jessica on Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:55 pm

Good story Very Happy

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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury Empty Re: Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

Post by Brad Lason on Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:16 am

Sorry but Jessica is in no Forum position to Accept/Deny any Family Applications, I will talk to Kubz about what will happen with this.
Brad Lason
Brad Lason

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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury Empty Re: Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

Post by Kubz on Fri May 13, 2011 4:21 am

Accepted when we get more players so we can have more gangs.

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury KubzDezServerOwnerLosSantosBackground

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Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury Empty Re: Bloodz Gang | Brian_Fury

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