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Post by Kubz on Sun May 01, 2011 3:50 pm

1. Never use fully capitalized sentences.
2. If your health goes below 5 then drink sprunk ASAP, or use drugs ICly.
3. Do not insult other players OOCly ( ICly is fine, aslong as it isnt for OOC reasons )
4. Hacking is strictly forbidden and you'll be banned.
5. A normal player can NEVER be classed as OOC, only Administrators and Helpers ( On Duty ) can do so."
6. Never deathmatch, AKA - Killing another player with no true reason.
7. Use /me and /do commands when taking out weapons.
8. Don't ever use /do to attempt an action on other player, use /me.
9. Never Revenge Kill another player, AKA - Killing a player that has just killed you.
10. Never Bunny-Hop, AKA - Jumping continuesly to get somewhere faster.
11. Never Ninja-Jack, AKA - Throwing somebody out of there car without using /me and /do commands.
12. Never use shortcuts in IC chats, AKA - Using, ' u ' ' lol ' ' Smile '( Unless your SMS'ing )
13. Never Drive by as a Driver when in a car, the only people that are allowed to Drive-By is a passenger. Motorcycle drivers can driveby.
14. Never Spam any type of chat at any time.
15. Only use English unless it is an OOC pm or whisper.
16. Never Ignore Admins, even if you're in the middle of roleplaying.
17. Racism is not allowed OOCly, ICly is fine but don't do it just for the sake of it.
18. Do Not Provoke the cops to chase you.
19. Roleplay all car crashes, when one of the players want to, no matter if it was caused by lag or not or if the other player involved roleplays it or not.
20. You can only Rob/Scam somebody ICly and these are the limits : Rob - $5,000, Scam - $50,000
21. Advertising of any sort is not allowed.
22. Do not AFK for along time, if you plan to be away for more than 15 minutes - Quit. Admin limit for AFK is 1hr.
23. Do not spam admins with /pm's, if you have a question ask on /new.
24. Never Scam or Rob a player under the LS-Time of 25"
25. Never quit or force crash the game to avoid Roleplaying.
26. You should respect each other OOC'ly if you cannot, then do not talk to that particular person.
27. Sharing passwords, or giving away accounts is NOT allowed.
28. Making new accounts to transfer money to your main account is NOT Allowed.
29. Never bug abuse. Doing so leads to a permanent ban even for the more useless bug abusing.
30. Don't suicide, relog, force crash for any OOC reasons except for when you're bugged. Doing so can lead you to an admin jail.
31. Never drive by with the Deagle, Spas12, M4, and only driveby with the AK47 on bikes.

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

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