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Alejandro_Newport [San News Application]

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Alejandro_Newport [San News Application] Empty Alejandro_Newport [San News Application]

Post by Alejandro_Newport on Sat May 07, 2011 3:06 pm


Name: Alejandro Newport
Location: Commerce,Los Santos
Phone Number: 5911
Any Medical Condition: No
Current Job: N/A
Criminal Record: No Sir im a Good Citizen

Biography: Well i was born i a small country called Venezuela and came to los Santos looking for a new life, Since i came i have been working as a mechanic in a garage in Iddlewood. Pretty sloppy job if you ask me i wanted to apply as a cop but its pretty dangerous with all the gangs that are in LS. But since im a good Group Talker i wanted to apply for this job. You can ask anyone in Ls that im a good Guy looking to get some Respect and Fame at the Sametime


Name: Alejandro
Last Name: Jose
Gamer Time: +1
Languages: Spanish, English, Dutch
In Game Level?: 3


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