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Post by Alejandro_Newport on Sun May 08, 2011 12:27 am

In Game Name: Alejandro_Bulleck
IG Level: 3 Almost 4
Bank Balance: 40.000$ I make 1.000 Every 30 Mins
Starting Players: 1) Jox_Colle 2) N/A Since Not that Much Players are Online


Story: Everything Began in Los Santos some Guys from the Downtown University needed cash to Afford all the things they ever wanted. But how? They started selling small guns like Glocks and ASPs. Then when they reached the 1.000.000$ Million Mark they entered the Tough Bussines of Selling Weapons also Known as Weapon Exportation. And so on in 1994 there was a massive weapon trading since the fall of the wall but it was to hard since they had to get all the Guns from Cuba. They started making Money and the bought every they wanted like Cheetas, Sultans, Houses in the Hills, But that Bussines is some Hard stuff The 2 man got Killed in San Fierro by Some paid hitmans.. One of those Guys.. Was Jose Bulleck also Known as My Dad. I want to keep the Bussines Running and im also in Seek of Revenge.

Leaders and members: Leader - Alejandro_Bulleck CoLeader- N/A
Member- Jox Colle Total Member Spots Free: 6

Family Rules: (IC) Respect the President, Do not Seek for non Reason Payback, Obey, You will never Reveal who is the Leader or their Location, In Case of FBI Files We will have to take ´´Care´´ of You. (OOC) Do not Point without 3 People, Do not Get a Warning That means auto Kick of the Family, Do not Deathmatch in any Sircustances, Use /me , Make sure to rp the 110% of the Time


Family Vehicles: 2 Premiers CarID: 46 (Black) 1 Stretcher CarID: 409 (White)

Ranks: 1) President 2)Right Hand 3)Made Man 4)Associate 5) Newcomer

Skin Ids: 1) President Skin: 120 2) Right Hand Skin : 111 3) Made Man Skin: 124 4) Associate Skin: 228 5) Newcomer Skin: 46

How to Join?: We need the Best and only the Best. No corruption at All


IG Name:

IG Level:

Biography (200 Words At Least):

Your Best Skill:

Any Criminal Record:

Define: DM - CK - KoS You choose..Define only 1.

Gamer Time:


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L.E.A Enterprises Empty Re: L.E.A Enterprises

Post by Kubz on Fri May 13, 2011 4:16 am

Lack of effort, look at some other apps, like M.O.B.

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

L.E.A Enterprises KubzDezServerOwnerLosSantosBackground

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