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Glen Park Balla's

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Glen Park Balla's Empty Glen Park Balla's

Post by christ_zwacc on Mon May 09, 2011 6:56 am

Glen Park Balla's Nps47c

424 Glen Park Ballas

Glen Park Balla's Fc2urs

The Beginning

I was born in 1987 in Los Santos with my mother, I was living in Los Santos because my dad was boss of 424 Glen Park Ballas and one day he was having dinner at home with us and a gang from a rival gang shot at my house Since there was my mom, my brother and I, we moved to San Fierro when I was 4 years old and my dad stayed in the hood. Two years later my Mom died from a bullet shot a man who was assaulting the cashier in a 24 / 7, My mom was scared and scream, there was when he shot and killed him mother at the time. I was in my house with my uncles who lived in San Fierro. My father heard the news and we look, there was when we moved back to Los Santos.

Living in Los Santos

We went back to Los Santos 3 days after my mother died, I was 6 years old. My Dad always told me, do not go outside, people could kidnap me, 5 years later I was 11 old when my father was wounded by two bullets in the arm . That day I said, if my dad dies I'll be like my dad and I will control all Glen Park and Crenshaw. My Dad didn't die, 6 years later my dad was arrested and sent to prison in Fort Carson, he was arrested for:
1. Illegal Drugs
2. Attempted murder
3. And illegal weapons

Growing my reputation.

When I was 17 years old, I began to take control and everyone respected me because they knew I was the son of The Boss, I began to have friends in Glen Park and Crenshaw. Two years later my dad died for a fight in the prison, I started to control the gang with my brother, I liked it because we had weapons, money and protection, I thought I was King of Los Santos but it was not, days then another gang attacked us in the Hood.

Now we have Cars, Girls, Money and Guns.

I was already well prepared for whatever it was, had cars, Girls, money and weapons, one day me and my brother, we talked about our equipment;
He: "We are prepared brother, you know no one can touch us"
Me: Yeah, you know we're for anything, I love this band, look what
we have, we have everything "
He: "Yeah, that's true"

Our homies working hard and we reached the Million.

We worked hard, we have some Drugs dealer 24/7 in corners, we have some Gang bangers patroling around the hood, if they see something wrong the have the green light to shoot. And finally we reached the million, I become a millionaire in just 23 years old. Buy my own Club. My club has; platforms for women dancers, a bar to order drinks and much more. Also I bought some cars for my gang. Now we are the most heavily armed gang and more dangerous, of course we have enemies.

Everything looks good.

We're fine, we have no gang who dare to attack us because we are 424 Glen Park Ballas you know. 424 until death, we are the gang that sells more products and weapons. They have made us drive by, yes other gangs hate us because we have money and everything.

Glen Park Balla's 2tbig

Glen Park Balla's 345h3d2

Glen Park

Where's 424 Glen Park Ballas Gang Head Quarter located?

Ballas Gang Head Quarter is located in Glen Park

How can i be a Drug Dealer if I'm an Outsider?

Go and ask a gang member, if you can work for him.
Obiously need to be a known outsider, we do not recruit strangers to work for us, we don't know if you're an undercover cop.

What do i need to do to get jumped to the gang?

Well, you have to role play with the gang (IC), if we trust in you, they're going to jump you to the gang. Here there is no applications, so you have to roleplay with us.

How long do I have to wait to be jumped into the gang?

Well, when the gang can trust in you.
So you can take a long time as a month or maybe a year.

Black markets?

Of course we have black markets, we have a Black Market where we sell illegal guns, gang members and trusted people know where it is localized, so do not try to get where it is located if we don`t know who are you.

Glen Park Balla's Fkqt1x

Glen Park Balla's 25angqv

Skin ID: 104
Skin Model Name: ballas3
Gender: Male

Glen Park Balla's 313m9du

Skin ID: 102
Skin Model Name: ballas1
Gender: Male

Glen Park Balla's 1z2j9cg

Skin ID: 103
Skin Model Name: ballas2
Gender: Male

The Leader Skin!

Glen Park Balla's 25euq2x

Skin ID: 296
Gender: Male

Co-Leader Skin!

Glen Park Balla's 2h2h1ll

Skin ID: 297
Gender: Male

Glen Park Balla's Rule's!


1. Protect the Big Gangsta, never question his commands and always
follow his order, the first priority in a shootout, is to protect him

2. Don't Snitch, calling the police is a extreme disrespect and any member can't do it.

3. Never Attack or kill others gang or civilians without Big Gangsta's permission, only Big Gangsta can speak and decide a Gang war.

4. Follow order of higher ranked members and don't give order to higher ranked member.

5. Don't call a member by his real name in front of Outsiders, Call them by their Street names.

6. Don't show anyone our Headquarter or hideout and Never let anyone into our HQ or hideout.

7. Never go to a meeting alone, always have a member with you.

8. Never say something about the gang or member's name to randomers.

9. Don't go to a rival gangs turf, unless a High Ranked member give you orders to come there.

10. If you are surrounded by cops, don't shoot at them or call any member and ask for help, if police are chasing you, don't
come to the turf with them behind you.

11. Never hold big guns with you, keep it hidden in your crib or anywhere but keep it away, in case puercos come we don't
want any trouble with them, you can carry your Glock17 with you but hidden

12. Never fight with your own family (Gang), Problems will be fixed by the Gang leader, never disrespect your bandana or your colors.

13. Always remember stay with others members, if you'll do something, we don't want any problem.

14. Don't buy Drugs or Guns from others Gangs.


1. Don't PM Gang Members for stupid things like "Jump me to the gang".

2. You must listen to the faction leaders at all times, if They tell you not to shoot, or if They tell you not to start a fight, then you pay attention and follow orders and trust it is in the best interests of the gang.

3. Don't MG (Meta Game) or PG (Power Game) if an admin give you an Admin Jail, i can kick you out of the Faction.

4. Never lie OOC to the gang's leader.

5. Always Role play.

6. Don't use /b for stupid things, use it if you have a OOC question, Suggestion or Help.

7. Respect all the Gang member OOC and IC.

8. OOC Insult it's not allowed.

9 You can joke with others member, but sometimes act seriously and do not act like an Idiot.

10. Never do DM, RK, PG, MG.

11. Leaving the Gang will result an PK'ed or Ck'ed, disrespecting the gang can result an Un-invite and CK'ed.

Things that you can do to earn some trust?
Rob people around with a gang member.
if the gang needs help, help them (the first thing is to help the Gang leader).
Go around Los Santos and steal some cars with some members.
Talk with gangs members (Role play with them).
Hang around Los Santos with Gang members.
Drinks and Chill with gang members.

Gang Activities

Low riders Meeting.
Meetings with others gang or mafia for some deals or business

Rank's of Glen Park Ballas

Rank 1:Kid Gangster
Rank 2:Member
Rank 3:Old School
Rank 4:O.G
Rank 5:Mad Dowg
Rank 6 O.G.F Founder


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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

Post by Devin_Norris on Tue May 10, 2011 11:31 am

Damn finally Grove Street Niggaz going to get some competition GL with your gang.

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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

Post by Brad Lason on Tue May 10, 2011 6:10 pm

Hm... Christ told me the Application was copied but he said he helped with it, I'll see what they think about it.
Brad Lason
Brad Lason

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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

Post by Kayla on Tue May 10, 2011 10:27 pm

This looks copied you can tell by the picture.

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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

Post by christ_zwacc on Wed May 11, 2011 9:31 am

But i helped doing this i made the Bio. and he made the pic's.


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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

Post by Kubz on Fri May 13, 2011 4:12 am

Ok, you can have the gang. Congratz, but can u pliz ally with M.O.B. because I really like their application, so both of your gangs sport the same colors and can be allies.

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

Glen Park Balla's KubzDezServerOwnerLosSantosBackground

I will respond to all questions and help faster with e-mail than a PM. E-mail me at

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Glen Park Balla's Empty Re: Glen Park Balla's

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