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MY application ((Mark_McCaine))

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MY application ((Mark_McCaine))

Post by deadzkiller544 on Tue May 10, 2011 2:21 am

Basic & Fundamental Questions
Your Full Name:Maek_McCaine
Date of Birth:May 28,1989
Current Address:Los Santos,San Andreas
Ethnicity:Roman Catholic
Current Occupation:SASP
Martial Status:Single
Phone Number:8843

Long-Answer FBI Questions

Why do you want to apply and join the FBI?To help people from danger

Why should we select you as one of our potential Agents, over anybody else?I am a loyal trainee

What are your goals, if accepted into the FBI?I will obey the commands in higher ranks

In your own view and words, what is the purpose of the FBI, and what do they do?To protect there place and arrest bad criminals

What are your areas of expertise, that you can integrate yourself into the FBI?

My name is Mark McCaine. I am 22 years I am retired of SASP. I dont have a family. My Mother is in the USA.And my father was FBI, but he died an accident

Background Check

Do you have a criminal history/background?No

If so - what convictions? (If no, just leave blank)

Do you have any past experience/history in Law Enforcement? (LSPD,LSFMD, etc)Yes, SASP

Do you have any past experience in Security?Yes

FBI Application Agreement

Do you understand that any false information given on this application will result in your denial:Yes

Do you understand that this application is the sole property to the FBI:Yes

Do you understand, at any point in time, your position as an Agent may be terminated:Yes

Do you understand that the FBI, are a dedicated group, that work as a team:Yes

Do you understand that if at any point, dis-obeying and breaking FBI policies, laws and procedures will result in discipline:Yes

Do you understand that, wrongful actions, during your time at the FBI, may also result in imprisonment:Yes

Do you understand that, you will need to be sworn in, under oath, to become a member of the FBI:Yes

I, [Mark_McCaine] acknowledge and confirm that this application is the sole property of the FBI. Any false statements presented in this application is an offence against the law, and it will lead to an application denial and/or imprisonment.

OOC Section

Your Real Age:22
Do you have a Microphone:No
If not, will you obtain one:
How much time can you dedicate to the faction per week:Everday


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Re: MY application ((Mark_McCaine))

Post by Kayla on Tue May 10, 2011 2:32 am

Dear Application,

I'm here to tell you that your application has been INTERVIEW, but you will need to get a microphone soon.
If not you will stay as the lowest rank if accepted.As soon as you get it. You will get your promotion. If you past your test also stayed as rank 0 for one week.If you have any more questions meet me in town.

FBI Directer,

Kayla Anderson.


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Re: MY application ((Mark_McCaine))

Post by Kayla on Tue May 10, 2011 3:31 am

I'm sorry to say your application has been DENIED due to alot of mistakes during the interview (( Also the OOC tests that include RK MG PG IN OOC CK etc... )) You may reapply in one week if you wish to try again.


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Re: MY application ((Mark_McCaine))

Post by Sponsored content Today at 2:13 am

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