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Giving Donations

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Giving Donations

Post by Kubz (Old Account) on Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:02 am

Donation System:Currently Online & Accepting

Thank you for considering donating to the SAMP Roleplay Server of New Revolutionary Gaming. We are a Non-Profit Gaming Community and rely on community contributions to stay running. The contributions are 100% spent on new gaming servers, maintenance, website upgrades, software upgrades, Software licensing and more. Before you donate, please read the Terms And Agreements below before donating to New Revolutionary Gaming.

Click on the Buttons below for the donation package you would like to make.


Transferrable Donations:

You can no longer transfer your donation packages to an account belonging to a person other than yourself however you may donate for someone else if you wish to do so. Be sure to include the name of the person your donating for when making your donation. Also note, it must be the full donation for them and not you.

Leaving The Community:

As far as New Revolutionary Gaming is concerned, if you leave the community and/or are inactive for a period of 29 days or over, you will lose some or all of your donation perks (Such as InGame Property, Items, ect...). However, should you consult a server owner before your departure, you may be able to get your perks saved for when or if you should decide to return to the Community.

Honoring Previous Donations:

Unclaimed donations from the past will from now on, not be honored and only new donations will get you the packages. This includes Houses/Businesses.

Topping Up Donation Packages:

Within a period of 28 days from your original donation's approval (when Overdrive posts your donation has been successfully processed), you may choose to upgrade to another donation package as long as the money is made up to that particular donation packages amount.
Example, If you donate $15 on the first of May (which would get you the bronze package), you have until the 29th of May to donate another $10 for the silver package.
However, if you donated on the 30th of May, you would have to pay the full $25 to recieve a silver donation package.


There are no refunds. A donation is a gift to the community and to the server. We do not give your gifts back. All perks are a gift from us, not a right.

Donation Ways:

Please do not send donations in part amounts. Please either pay the full amount or consult with Kubz about an alternative payment plan.

Paypal is currently the safest and most reliable method of donating to the community however, we hope to extend our donation options to other services in the future.

New Revolutionary Gaming reserves the right to change the packages, this agreement and its contents at any time without any prior notice. By donating to the server, you agree to this.

Donation Packages for SA:MP RolePlay Server

Name change - $2
Change your in-game and/or forum name.
This is a one time fee.

You get 1 name change, You can do it yourself in game.

Bronze VIP - $10
- Forum Rank - Bronze member

- Donation Chat Access.
- 1 name change.
- 25% Gas Prices.
- Payday Boost (+$10)
- Lasts for 100 PayDays.

Silver VIP- $20
- Forum rank - Silver member
- 1 Name Change.
- Custom Phone Number (Setable in game).
- Donation Chat Access.
- 50% Off Gas Prices.
- Payday Boost (+$20)
- Lasts for 125 PayDays.

Gold VIP - $30 (Monthly)
- Customized forum rank - Gold Member.
- 75% Off Gas Prices.
- Payday Boost (+$35)
- Mask Saves On Logout.

- Donation Chat Access.
- 2 Levels Up.
- 2 Name Changes.
- New Revolutionary Gaming VIP Access.
- Lasts for 150 PayDays.

Platinum VIP - $50
- Customized forum rank - Pearl Donator
- 90% Off Gas Prices.
- Payday Boost (+$55)
- Donation Chat Access.
- Free Small/Medium Size house Scripted Or Small Biz Scripted in
- No death bills
- 4 Levels Up.
- 3 Name Changes (has be 2 weeks apart)

- Lasts forever.
- Free entry to Clubs or Businesses

Global Donator Perks: Access to the VIP Lounge, Sneak peak onto upcoming patches, servers, and access to be one of the first on a new Server launch You will get a limited admin on our test servers. You will also be part of our beta test team, to test out new and upcoming mods/scripts for SAMP/MTA or any of our other servers. You will also have a Special Vent title (if you want)

Diamond Package - $100
- Platinum VIP.
- Customized forum rank - Diamond Donator
- Free Off Gas Prices.
- Payday Boost (+$150)
- 50% Discount of 24/7 Items.
- Donation Chat Access.
- Mask Saves On Logout.
- 6 Levels Up.
- 4 Name Changes.

- Lasts forever.
- Free Entry For Clubs/Businesses.
- Free Interior Upgrade.
- Free House Item Upgrades.
- Lose 3 Stars On Payday.
- Free Medium Size/large house Scripted Or small/medium Business Scripted
- Free 'Special' Garage added to House, sizes up to 2-4.

Global Donator Perks: Access to the VIP Lounge, Sneak peak onto upcoming patches, servers, and access to be on of the first on a new Server launch. You will be one of the Lead Beta Testers for our beta test team, to test out new and upcoming mods/scripts for SAMP/MTA or any of our other servers. You will also have a Special TS title.

Diamond + Package $150.00

- Everything in Diamond
- Free Large House Scripted (You only get 1 House)
- Free Large Business Scripted (You only get 1 Business)

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