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Re-play on the Server [New]

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Re-play on the Server [New] Empty Re-play on the Server [New]

Post by Alejandro_Newport on Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:07 pm

Well hello there my NR community I was wondering, Why theres no one playing? Cmon people we could have such a great time roleplaying, But wait i have a great idea to bring even more Players, Its just making publicity off the server. WAIT first to nothing, im not saying that you go to other servers and post the ip, Thats bad and stupid to do, What i try to mean is to enter in some websites that are related to SA-MP servers and post ips and banners Ect etc, We could even make a video (I cant since camtasia sucks for me D:)

Well hope to see you online. Alejandro Newport

Publicity Ideas: New Web banner
Posting on other forums Related to SA-MP servers
Keeping the server with at least 5 Players
Putting more effort on Forums such as Complaint Cases etc etc



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Re-play on the Server [New] Empty Re: Re-play on the Server [New]

Post by Brad Lason on Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:33 am

This is a nice idea, I agree that we should post Banners and stuff, I was actually working on a video to advertise the server before I kinda quit, but I'm back for now and ready to record or help with the server video at anytime Smile
Brad Lason
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