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Los Santos Police Department's Official Handbook

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Los Santos Police Department's Official Handbook

Post by Brad Lason on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:04 am

Offical Los Santos Police Department
Standard Handbook

Table of Contents:

1. Protect and Serve

2. Officer Information

3. Vehicle Information

4. Police Armory

5. Miranda Rights

6. Refueling Vehicles

7. Central Dispatch Radio

8. Chain of Command

9. Radio Codes

10. Acronym codes

11. Ranks and Uniforms

12. Legal Terms and Information

13. The Force Matrix

14.Other Important Information

15. Internal Affairs

16. Paychecks

17. Getting on duty

18. Detaining suspects

19. Pertaining Lawyers

Protect and Serve

This is the Official Handbook used by the Los Santos Police Department and contains information that is aimed towards our staff as a guide for common practice and code of conduct, and also as a reference for Aplicants and the public who wish to have knowledge about us.

To the Public
The Los Santos Police Department has an important mission to complete, that mission is to protect this city and make it a safer place for you and future gernations. With your best interests at heart and a strong disciplined police force, we will achieve this.

Protect and Serve
Calling for help or assisstance

If you are in the need for emergency
services you are able to contact both the LSPD and LSFMD by dialing 911 (( /call 911 )) and advise the dispatcher where you are and what is happening, and if required (and possible), a description of the suspect. We will attempt to respond to all 911 calls, however, if for some reason we do not report you may need to call again.

Encountering the Police
In the Los Santos Police Department we pride ourselves in being professional, fair, and helpful. If you are stopped by an officer of the LSPD, do not run, that will only cause trouble for yourself. Be compliant and respectful (refer to us as officer, sir, or ma'am) and you will be shown respect back.

Police may conduct routine searches for illegal items, generally speaking unless you are behaving suspiciously you will not be searched. However, again, compliance is always taken into consideration.

Officer Information
Firstly, and most importantly, when you spawn you must make sure you are on duty, have full armour and have an MP5. If not you should go to the locker room inside the station and get on duty (or reduty for armour) or buy your MP5 from the Armory. The command is /LSPD. If you don't want to lose any weapons (Rifle, M4A1, SPAS12, etcetera) you can ride a LSPD car and it will respawn back to your weapon slots.

Faction Radio Chat

Use this to speak with other LSPD members. Please try to keep it IC as often as possible.

Department Radio Chat

Use this to speak with other faction members. Keep it IC at all times, unless completely necessary, or you could be punished.


Use this to instruct civilians from a large distance. It can only be used in Government vehicles and should be used only for important messages.

Wanted List

The wanted list is a list of all suspects. It will display their name along with how many stars they have.

Mobile Data Computer (MDC)

The MDC will list a suspects crimes as well as their crime count and times arrested.

Gate Control

This will control both gates beside the station, or you can also honk your horn to open the gates.

Crime Entry

This will add a warrant for arrest to a player

Ticketing Suspects

You can issue tickets to suspects with this. First get their ID and /suspect them, then give the ticket and have the star removed if they pay.

Arresting a Suspect

/arrest 0 0
This will attempt to arrest the person closest to you, so get out of the car and stand next to the suspects door. Bail should be 0.

Frisking a Suspect

This will allow you to see what a person is holding. (Remember to RP wearing Latex gloves)

Taking Items

This will allow you to take things from suspects, you should take their weapons incase they escape. You may only take 25% of their materials and may only confiscate 50% of their Drugs, never take away anybody's licenses.


The tazer will allow you to stun a suspect (Use Right Mouse Button to taze, or whatever your Aim button is), so that you can cuff them. It lasts 8 seconds and will need time to recharge.


This will allow you to detain a suspect to your car and prevent them from any movement for several minutes. (Remember to RP getting them out)


This will place a suspect into your vehicle. Seat's are: 1 Passenger; 2 Rear driver-side passenger; 3 Rear passenger.

Entering Houses

This will allow you to enter locked houses, this should not be abused. You need a Sergeant's+ permission to break into a house.

Deploying Spike Strips

This will place a Spike Strip that will flatten all tires that cross over them.

Destroying Spike Strips

This will delete the spikes in front of you, or all at once if you add the 's'.

Vehicle Information

L.S.P.D Patrol Cruiser
The main vehicle of the LSPD. Able to be driven by any rank, Cadets not alone of course, it is the standard patrol car for all.

L.V.P.D Patrol Car
Able to be driven by Sergeants and above, it has different handling and is better for off-road driving. Captains may give permission for you to drive this (Officer's & Up).

S.A.P.D Rancher
Able to be driven by Sergeants and above, it is extremely capable of off-road driving and P.I.T. manuevering. Captains may give permission for you to drive this (Sr. Officer's & Up).

S.A.P.D Motorbike
An excellent support vehicle, this motorbike is able to keep up with some of the faster cars, making chases a lot easier to keep an eye on via GPS beacon. Usable with permission from Sergeants and above. Never use it with a passenger.

S.W.A.T Tank
The S.W.A.T Tank, often called "Mr Splashy" is a riot vehicle equipped with a water tank, hence the name, and also gets brought along for S.W.A.T and Blockades. Usable in situations with orders from Captains and above or S.W.A.T Commanders.

S.W.A.T Van
A strong vehicle that is able to move surprisingly fast despite its size. Easily keeping up with standard cars, it is great for P.I.T. manuevers. Should only be used in situations and trainings. Usable in situations with orders from Captains and above or S.W.A.T Commanders.

S.A.P.D Enforcer
A heavy, but slow vehicle. The Enforcer is used to transfer S.W.A.T Personnel. It may be used in situations only and is great for blockades if placed properly. Usable with permissions from Captains and above or S.W.A.T Commanders.

S.A.P.D Maverick
This helicopter is useful in pursuits to keep an eye on felons. Keeping up with fast vehicles easily, it is not able to stop them meaning it may only be used to give GPS co-ordinates to drop off passengers via parachute or emergency landing. Usable with permissions from Sergeants and above.

S.A.P.D Predator
An extremely useful, but underused boat. Used in water pursuits of course, it is equipped with a set of machine guns and able to keep up with standard boats. It's not very useful against speedboats since it can't move as fast. It can be used for water pickups and to chase water-bound suspects without permission. However Patrolling with it is restricted for Senior Officers and above.

Police Armory

Cadet Armory

•Desert Eagle
•MP5 Sub Machine Gun
•Pump Action Shotgun
•Lever-Action Repeater Rifle
•M4A1 Carbine (A S.W.A.T Commander or Captain+ must give a Cadet permission to use this weapon during a situation)

Officer Armory

•Desert Eagle
•MP5 Sub Machine Gun
•Pump Action Shotgun
•Lever-Action Repeater Rifle
•M4A1 Carbine (Only for use during a situation, not for Patrolling)

Senior Officer Armory

•Desert Eagle
•MP5 Sub Machine Gun
•Pump Action Shotgun
•Lever-Action Repeater Rifle
•M4A1 Carbine
•PSG1 Sniper Rifle (Only for use during large situations, not for patrol)
•Franchi SPAS-12 (Only for use during large situations, not for patrol)
•Grenade (Only for use during large situations, with permission from a S.W.A.T Captain or above)
•Tear Gas (Only for use during situations, not for patrol)

Miranda Rights

The Miranda Rights are an important part of the constitution. If a Police Officer were to forget to read the suspect his or her rights the suspect would be able to have all charges dropped and the officer could possibly be fired. Everytime a suspect is cuffed they must have their rights read to them, regardless of the location or situation you must read these rights each and every time.
Failure to do so will result in an infraction.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

You have the right to an attorney after initial processing has been completed.

Do you understand these rights as I have said them?

Refueling Vehicles

You must keep all Police vehicles fuel tanks with a minimum of 50% fuel at all times. If you get in a chase you must have enough fuel to finish the duration of that chase. If you are running low on fuel in a chase and you know you won't be able to keep up, make sure you inform us all and have your car refueled immediately.
Before going off duty you must return your car to the garage with a full tank.

Central Dispatch Radio

Being connected to the Radio (( TeamSpeak )) while on duty is mandatory. If you are not connected while you are on duty you had better have a decent reason or you may receive Internal Affairs infraction strikes for it. When you are connected you should stay in the Main Radio Channel to be assigned to a Unit or you can assign yourself with somebody. When assigned, you must move to the Unit Channel with your patrol partner so you can talk without constant chatter when seperated. You should always have a secondary Radio button for contacting all other Units in emergencies.
You must also have a patrol partner at all times, unless instructed otherwise - Cadets may never patrol together or alone.

Chain of Command

If you are a Cadet, you are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the Police Department works. If somebody is a higher rank than you and tells you something, you had better do it. As a Cadet you may feel like you know everything there is to know. Trust us, you don't.
Keep in mind, once you screw around at any rank then chances are you will be removed. Respect everyone in the Police Department, no matter what their rank is.

Courtesy Be polite
Professionalism Show extreme competency
Respect Show consideration

Radio Codes

10-1: All units regroup / Meet at -location-
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that / Received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Standby
10-8: Busy
10-9: Repeat message
10-10: Negative
10-14: Requesting a pickup at -location-
10-18: Report information needed
10-20: Location / Position
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report in person – location (Go there / Come here)
10-27: Switching radio channel
10-40: Lots of people in the area
10-41: Possible illegal activity
10-55: Traffic stop
10-56: Computer check
10-57v(ictor): Vehicle persuit
10-57f(oxtrot): Foot persuit
10-60: Vehicle description (Blue Cheetah)
10-61: Suspect description (IC 2 male, blue clothes)
10-70: Backup / assistance required
10-70e(cho): Emergency backup required
10-70t(ango): SWAT required on scene immediately
10-71: Ambulance required
10-95: Routine Traffic Stop
10-98: No further assistance required
10-99: Situation concluded (Finished what you were doing)
10-420: Drug dealing commencing.

Status 1 – Off duty
Status 2 – On duty
Status 3 – Going on a break
Status 4 – Patrolling available for calls
Status 5 – Responding without light & sirens
Status 5e(cho) – Responding with lights & sirens
Status 6 – I am on scene (target location)

IC1 – White
IC2 – Black
IC3 – Latino
IC4 – Middle Eastern
IC5 – Asian (Chinese etc.)
IC6 – Unknown ethnicity

Code 0 – Urgent assistance required (ALL units drop what you're doing and attend immediately).
Code 1 – Non-Emergency – Respond in own time (If something comes up, deal with it first).
Code 2 – Non-Emergency – Respond in own time (If something comes up, leave it keep responding).
Code 3 – Emergency – Respond status 5e (With lights & sirens).
Code 4 – All SWAT personnel report in (Location & Status).
Code 5 – Situation currently under control (Standby and wait for other orders).

Acronym Codes

A.D.W. – Assault with a Deadly Weapon
A.K.A. – Also Known As
A.O.D. – Assist Another Department
B.A. – Burglar Alarm
B.A.C. – Blood Alcohol Content
B & E – Breaking and Entering
B.O.L. – Be On the Lookout (for)
C.A.D. – Computer Aided Dispatching
C.C.W. – Carry Concealed Weapon (permit)
C.O.N. – Call Of Nature (bathroom break)
C.Y.A. – Cover Your Ass
D.O.A. – Dead On Arrival
D.U.I. – Driving Under the Influence
E.M.T. – Emergency Medical Technician (paramedic)
G.S.W. – Gun Shot Wound
G.T.A. – Grand Theft Auto
M.V.A. – Motor Vehicle Accident
P.I.T. – Pursuit Intervention Technique
R.O. – Registered Owner
S.W.A.T. – Special Weapons And Tactics

Ranks and Uniforms



Senior Officer



Chief/Deputy Chief

Legal Terms and Information

If a ticket is allowed to be issued you may clear them if they pay the ticket. If they refuse to pay you must arrest them and give them the punishment located on the second line after a Legal Term and give them "Failure to Comply".
If a crime has 'No Ticket' then it means you must arrest them for it immediately.

Indecent Exposure: The exposure of ones "private parts" to the public. This includes public nudity, urinating or excreting bodily waste in public or just plain "flashing".
$800 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 2 Minutes

Rude Gesture
: Making rude gestures such as the middle finger, kissing ass, etcetera.
800$ Fine
- 2x Ticket | 2 Minutes

Verbal Assault: Assaulting somebody through the use of words, such as, "you're a fucking idiot ni**er with no life", with the intent to upset or anger them.
800$ Fine
- 2x Ticket | 2 Minutes

Loitering on Government Property: To stand idly on Government Property, for example, out or inside the PD, FBI, City Hall, etcetera.
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Illegal Parking: Parking your vehicle on the road, footpath, or somewhere else that is obviously not a parking area.
$1500 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Illegal Shortcut: Driving through a certain path to avoid the road and save time, like driving through somebodies driveway to get to the other side.
$1000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Illegal parking on Government Property
: *Read 'Illegal Parking' above*
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Illegal parking on Bank Property
: *Read 'Illegal Parking' above*
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

FCC Violation
: Federal Communications Commission Violation. This is charged for illegal advertisements.
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Hydraulics on a public road
: No definition required.
$950 Fine | Impound car
- 3x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Reckless Driving
: Driving on the wrong side of the road, extremely fast, not stopping at lights to check if it is clear. (Green light unrequired, just check it's safe to go before going across.)
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Reckless Endangerment
: Doing anything that causes others lives to be in danger, examples are speeding, driving on the footpath, etcetera.
$2500 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Illegal Street Racing
: No definition required.
$2500 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Use of Nitros Oxide
: No definition required.
$1500 Fine | Impound car
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

: Entering a restricted area that belongs to a private party.
$2500 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Trespassing (On Government Property)
: Entering a restricted area that belongs to the Government.
No ticket
- $3500 Fine | 5 Minutes

: An offence that consists of two persons fighting in a public area, possibly causing harm or terror to bystanders.
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 4 Minutes

Misuse of 911
: A prank or false call to the FBI, LSPD or LSFMD, with the intent to deceive.
$10000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 10 Minutes

Removal of Impounded Vehicle
[color=white]: No definition required.
$2000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 5 Minutes

Possession of Illegal Firearm(s)
: The possession of one or more illegal firearm(s).
No ticket
- $4000 per Firearm | Remove Firearm(s) | 6 Minutes per Firearm

Failure to Comply
: Failing to comply with direct orders from a Law Enforcement Officer, such as someone who keeps driving after being told to pull over.
No ticket
- $1500 Fine | 2 Minutes

: Fleeing from a Law Enforcement Officer via running, driving, flying, sailing, etcetera.
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Resisting Arrest
: Preventing arrest by a Law Enforcement Officer by breaking cuffs or assaulting them.
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Vehicular Assault
: Repeatedly attempting, or succeeding, at ramming a person or their vehicle with another vehicle.
No ticket
- $3000 Fine | 5 Minutes

(Attempted) Grand Theft Auto
: Attempting, or succeeding, at hijacking the vehicle of another person without their consent.
No ticket
- $2500 Fine | 5 Minutes

Driving Under the Influence
: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
$1000 Fine
- 2x Ticket | 3 Minutes

Possession of Illegal Narcotics
: The possession of illegal narcotics (drugs).
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | Remove Narcotics | 4 Minutes

Possession of Illegal Materials
: The possession of illegal materials or material packages, which are used to create firearms.
No ticket
- $6000 Fine | 6 Minutes

Discharge of a Firearm
: Shooting a firearm in public when unauthorized to do so, it's legal within your own property.
No ticket
- $3000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Public Endangerment
: Endangering the public by driving recklessly, discharging a firearm, committing affray or other means that could cause harm.
No ticket
- $1500 Fine | 2 Minutes

Attempted Murder
: Attempt at taking someone’s life.
No ticket
- $10000 Fine | 10 Minutes

Instigating Public Anarchy
: Causing people to go into a state of lawlessness and disorder.
No ticket
- $20000 Fine | 15 Minutes

: Taking somebody against their will, and quite oftenly, asking for money for their return.
No ticket
- $15000 Fine | 15 Minutes

: Using intimidation, threats, or firearms to take things from somebody or stealing another way, for example, robbing the bank.
No ticket
- $20000 Fine | 20 Minutes

: Forcing somebody to have sexual intercourse with you, even though it it completely against their will.
No ticket
- $20000 Fine | 20 Minutes

: Attempting to bribe a Law Enforcement Officer for freedom.
No ticket
- $10000 Fine | 10 Minutes

: Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out/attacking somebody
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | 4 Minutes

: Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Obstruction of Justice
: Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer(s).
No ticket
- $4000 Fine | 4 Minutes

: An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime.
No ticket
- $2000 Fine | 4 Minutes

: Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity.
No ticket
- $2000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Aiding and Abetting
: Participating in the commission of a crime.
No ticket
- $6000 Fine | 6 Minutes

Hit and Run
: Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person.
No ticket
- $2500 Fine | 5 Minutes

: Selling or trading illegal items; materials, firearms or narcotics.
No ticket
- $3500 Fine | 5 Minutes

: Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency.
No ticket
- $2000 Fine | 4 Minutes

: Persistent offensive behaviour, be it verbally, physically and/or sexually.
No ticket
- $2000 Fine | 4 Minutes

Hostage Taking
: Taking hostages in an attempt to get things in return for their lives.
No ticket
- Send to Fort DeMorgan, 1 Hour

Domestic Terrorism
: Any act that attempts to overthrow government or start anarchy, or any attempt to 'terrorize' on a large scale.
No ticket
- Send to Fort DeMorgan, 1 Hour

Any crime as serious as hostage taking and terrorism will be easy to stack other charges with, therefore they will always be most wanted and go to prison.

The Force Matrix

Shots Fired

Spend a moment evaluating the situation. The person discharging a weapon may be an undercover cop or a civilian in self-defence.
Run for cover.
Pop out from cover and pick your shots.
Give chase if you're sure you won't be in serious danger.
Use your Radio and give us vital information on the number of shooters, weapons, etcetera.

Run toward, around or past an active shooter.
Stay in the open and hope for the best.
Spray wildly, you may hit innocents.
(( Abuse server bugs ))
Move to a position where you may take cross-fire. Don't surround someone in a circle.
Scream over the Radio
Continue to shoot when the threat no longer exists.

Shots Fired

Force Level 1
Suspect may be verbally assaulting you or others
Suspect starts to show aggression in his tone of speaking
Suspect may be taunting you or using foul language
Your Actions
At this point in time you are not authorized to use any physical means of force at all. You may issue verbal warnings to attempt to calm the suspect.

Force Level 2
Suspect has committed a crime
Suspect is disobeying direct orders from a LEO
Suspect is starting to hint at violent actions
Suspect is starting to make aggressive movements with his body
Suspect may seem to be preparing for a physical engagement
Suspect is increasingly getting worse with his aggression in his tone against you or others
Suspect is showing disrespect aginst you or another person
Your Actions
At this point in time you are not authorized to use any secondary equipment. Call for Code 1 assistance over the Radio and move to a hands on approach of trying to escort the person from the situation or away from portential victims using voice commands and light gestures. (( * gently pushses the man in the other direction ))

Force Level 3
Suspect has committed a crime
Suspect may be using physical contact against you or another person
Suspect may be using a non-lethal weapon on you or another person
Suspect may be threatening yours or another persons life
Suspect is actively involved in any physical fight
Your Actions
At this time you are only allowed to use a tazer, pepper spray or a nightstick to stun the suspect. You are to call for Code 2 assistance over the radio. Under no circumstances should you withdraw your firearm unless the situation reaches force level 4.

Force Level 4
Suspect has done or is committing a felony crime
Suspect is brandishing a firearm
Suspect is assaulting another person with a vehicle
Suspect has placed your life or another persons life in danger
Suspect is seriously assaulting another person (( causing the person or you to be on low health ))
Your Actions
At this point and time the suspect is a threat to another human life. You must call for Code 3 backup over the radio. You may withdraw your firearm and take aim on the suspect, you must not fire unless the Force Level reaches 5. You are also never to taze a suspect who is aiming a weapon at you.
If on your fifth warning they have not put away or drop their weapon you are expected to use your own judgement on how to handle the judgement.

Force Level 5
Suspect has done or is committing a serious felony crime
Suspect is in the act of seriously assaulting you or another person
Suspect has a firearm and is aiming at you or another person
Suspect may be firing the firearm at you or another person
Suspect may be in a car attempting to hit you or another person
Suspect is fleeing in a vehicle after three warnings have been issued
Suspect has a hostage
Your Actions
At this point you are allowed to open fire at the at the suspect and shoot to kill. You are to do your best to avoid these situations but if they occur you are authorized to use deadly force. In regards to the suspect fleeing in a vehicle after you, you have given him an ample supply of warnings and your partner may shoot his tires with approval. Once you hit one or 2 tires you should not be shooting anymore. You should radio in for Code 3 assistance over the radio.


When in a high speed pursuit there are a few rules you must obey.
Do not overtake the lead car, the person who called for backup. They must give you permission to overtake
If you crash your car and other officers on duty are behind you, wait for them to pass and leave as the last car has gone
Do not attempt any stupid stunts that could risk your life
Do not open fire on a vehicle that is not actively shooting itself, unless 5 minutes have passed
No more than 2-3 cars are required for a chase, do not all respond

Other Important Information

Going Away / Inactive
If you know you will be gone for a while you need to make a thread in the (Private) section of the LSPD forums to let us know, otherwise you may be uninvited while offline. This is extremely important to do if it applies to you, seriously if you go inactive for over one to two weeks and don't post a thread then you're gone.

The Roster
Now incase you don't know already, we have a roster posted listing all current members serving in the L.S.P.D. This roster can be found by clicking here. On the roster you can find out everyones rank and or position in the L.S.P.D. along with what timezone they are in. Please remember that if you aren't on the roster, it is very very important for you to let us know by posting the correct information in the topic. We strive to keep the roster as up to date as possible, so again please help us by making sure you are listed on the roster and the information provided on it is all one hundred percent up to date.

Obtaining a Blue Forum Name
This is commonly asked within the LSPD: How can I get a blue name on the forums? This question requires a simple solution: apply for the LSPD group in the group membership section, which can be found here. Getting accepted into the LSPD group entitles you to a blue forum name, along with access to the private LSPD forums.

NOTICE: When you apply for the usergroup, always include your in-game LSPD name along with your rank, otherwise you will likely be denied. If you are no longer an active member of the LSPD, we would like to ask that you remove yourself from the usergroup, or identify yourself under another group if possible. Either option can be accomplished from the above link. Also keep in mind that if your forum name doesn't match your in game name you may also be denied. It is recommended that you post in the admin requests section of the forums to get a forum name change to match your in game name.

Internal Affairs

[ X ] - Painting government cruisers, or having/using other illegal modifications. (This excludes nitro for car chases.)
[ X ] - Being inside the cell area as a Cadet without permission.
[ X ] - Going undercover without permission.
[ X ] - Reckless driving. (Non RP Driving)
[ X ] - Using unauthorized vehicles.
[ X ] - Not being in TeamSpeak while on duty. (Several Times)
[ X ] - Patrolling alone when a Cadet needs a partner.
[ X ] - Patrolling alone as a Cadet.
[ X ] - Fucking around at reassignment.
[ X ] - Using /d as a Officer or below without permission.
[ X ] - Going off assigned duties.
[ X ] - Tazing/Detaining someone without giving them prior warning of stopping.
[ X ] - Taking the cruiser of another Officer/LEO without asking them beforehand.
[ X ] - Phones on during reassignments.
[ X ] - Radio switched off while on duty (( Not being in TeamSpeak several times )).

[ XX ] - IC/OOC insults to another LEO.
[ XX ] - Use of force without verbal warning.
[ XX ] - Bringing the person's faction into disrepute.
[ XX ] - Using unreasonable/excessive force.
[ XX ] - Rushtazing. (Rushspraying also applies here)
[ XX ] - Lack of professionalism. (Whining/Immaturity/Fucking Around)
[ XX ] - Insubordination.
[ XX ] - Clearing wanted points off a suspect without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Freeing suspects from the cells without prior notice nor permission.
[ XX ] - Allowing unauthorized visitors in the garage.
[ XX ] - Possession of Narcotics.
[ XX ] - Possession of Materials.
[ XX ] - Conspiracy of selling Materials / Narcotics / Firearms.
[ XX ] - Taking a civilian vehicle without giving them a reason beforehand.
[ XX ] - Parking your vehicle improperly in the Garage.
[ XX ] - Constantly asking for ranks.
[ XX ] - Being intoxicated on duty. (Drinking)

[ XXX ] - Use of unauthorized weaponry (Cadets - M4 - SWAT Officers - Grenades/Smoke/Spas/Sniper).
[ XXX ] - Spamming in /R or /D.
[ XXX ] - Stacking charges.
[ XXX ] - Using any kind of unnecessary force on a suspect while Tazed/Cuffed.
[ XXX ] - Abuse of powers.
[ XXX ] - Wearing the incorrect uniform while on duty.
[ XXX ] - Disrespect towards fellow LSPD colleagues.
[ XXX ] - Sexual harrassment towards another LEO / Civilian.

[ XXXX ] - Material running without permission.
[ XXXX ] - Assault on another Officer.
[ XXXX ] - Revealing an IA Agent's name.

[ XXXXX ] - Corruption. (Results in removal from the faction...)

For Cadets only
If a Cadet reaches their third strike, instead of getting suspended, they will get fired.

For Everyone else

[ X ] One strike will result in closer observation for subsequent misbehavior. No direct action will be taken.

[ XX ] Two strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 2-5 days.

[ XXX ] Three strikes will result in demotion to previous held rank. (( I.E. if someone goes from Officer directly to the rank of Captain, their third strike will cause them to get demoted back down to the rank of Officer. If you skip ranks up, you will skip ranks back down. ))

[ XXXX ] Four strikes will result in a suspension from the PD for 4-10 days.

[ XXXXX ] Five strikes will result in getting discharged from the PD (( fired )). There may also be a condition set, where said person may not be able to rejoin the PD for a certain period of time, for example, two weeks.

Filing Complaints and Infractions
To file a complaint/infraction on another member of the L.S.P.D. please click on this link and follow the instructions the topic provides.

Clarifications relating to Internal Affairs

There has been some misgivings relating to internal affairs, specificly their powers and abilities.

Internal Affairs is and always has been a separate entity from the LSPD's main body. Although they generally have rank two or three in-game, OOCly they are in fact unlisted ranks. In essence, IA officers have no authority over LSPD units excluding in matters of Internal Security, stability, and in all matters of IA investigation, also the same applies in reverse. However, since IA Officers are also kept secret from everybody but the Director and the Chief's they will follow orders unless they are working on an IA case, in which case they will not be required to follow that. Also note that only one Captain and one Sergeant will be in the IA and these people will be public and also able to give/take orders, unless the orders taken are in conflict with the IA.

They are both above and below the authority of all ranks but the Chief(s) and the divisional leader of the Internal Affairs department. As the Chief is immune to infractions as is the IA commander.

Deputy Chiefs and below are however not immune to Internal Affairs jurisdictional matters and can receive infractions. Although this as far as I can recall has never happened, yet it is possible.

IA officers although generally are shall we say keeping an eye on things during quiet times it has been permitted to assist in patrols, pursuits or respond to crimes. Although that is not their focus.

IA officers are able to use LSPD cars if desired along with civilian cars.

IA is not here to mess up your day or get you into trouble, generally it was established to point out officer mistakes and offer advice. We're not here for a witch hunt and unless a serious accusation or suspicion is relevant. We generally don't follow you around. You don't need to be so concerned when there's an IA operative around.


(( Coming soon ))

Getting on Duty

Duty: Allows you to get on duty, which gives you a blue name, a desert eagle, a nitestick, a mace (( Spraycan )) and a tazer.

Undercover: Allows you to go undercover as a civilian, you must NOT use it unless a Captain or above gives you the permission, and it should be for undercover operations, or for processing status 1.

Change Uniform: Allows you to switch between all the Los Santos Police Department skins, some may be forbbiden for your rank, it's perhaps recommended to read the #10 of the handbook to see which. If you are caught using the wrong uniform, you will be given one infraction strike.

Armory: In this weapon armory, you will find the current available guns for you to use, it's perhaps recommended to read the #5 of the handbook to see which. If you are caught using the unauthorized weapons, you will be given one infraction strike.

S.W.A.T: Allows you to get in the S.W.A.T uniform, a kevlar vest and take the most heavy weapons that are available in the Department. It's perhaps recommended to look at the #5 of the handbook to see which you shall take and shall NOT take. If your caught using your S.W.A.T uniform and heavy weapons when it is not necessary, you will be given one infraction strike.

Clear Suspect: This option allows you to clear the wanted stars that a suspect has. If you are using this without prior notice nor permission, you will be given two infraction strikes, which result in a suspension from the Department.

Release Suspect: This options allows you to clear the wanted stars and release a suspect from jail or prison. If you are using this without prior notice nor permission, you will be given two infraction strikes, which result in a suspension from the Department.

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