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[NG]NationGuard Handbook Empty [NG]NationGuard Handbook

Post by Mido on Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:22 am

National Guard
Standard Handbook

Table of Contents:
2- To the Applicants
3-Basic Information
4-Advanced Information
5-Vehicle Information
6-Radio Dispatch
7-Chain of Command
8-Radio Codes
9-Ranks and Divisions
10-Legal Terms & Information

1. Introduction

This handbook contains information on the National Guard of San Andreas. It is aimed not only at the public, but also towards our staff as a guide for common practice and code of conduct.
To the public
Dear Citizens of San Andreas,
The National Guard has a mission to fill, and that mission is to protect the state of San Andreas from dangerous criminals by keeping them locked up in prison. With your best interests at heart and a powerful group of Soldiers, we will achieve this.

2. To the Applicants

AcceptedYou will proceed to the next step of the application process, an interview on Ventrilo. You will be asked different basics questions, and if you pass, proceed to the third and final step. You will be tested by Training Personel to see if your shooting ability and RP skills are decent. If you pass this test you will be invited to the National Guard.

pending f your application has been set to pending it means that we are not sure and will decide within 3 days about the final status of the application.

Denied f your application has been set to pending it means that we are not sure and will decide within 3 days about the final status of the application.

Permanently Denied If your application have been Perm. Denied than you may never apply for the National Guard again.

Please remember:

The National Guard isn't a group of trigger-happy people who shoot on sight.
We are not here to mess around, the National Guard is an elite force.
We do not condone any corrupt activities, anybody who is found to be conducting with such activities will be fired!

3. Basic Information
What do we do?
The National Guard is a strong group of men and women who work in Fort DeMorgan, a high security prison for the dangerous criminals of San Andreas. Although we do not normally enter cities, nor do we arrest, we are occasionally called in for special situations, like catching heavily armed criminals or assisting with SWAT situations, and even terrorist threats.

4. Advanced Information
Firstly, and most importantly, make sure you go to the locker room at DeMorgan and go on duty. Type /LOCKER and click on duty, and then type it again and get your weapons from the armory section of the menu.
Radio Chat
Code: [Select]


This is used to speak with the other members of the NG. This is meant to stay IC as often as possible.

Department Chat
Code: [Select]


Similar to the /r command, this is used to not only communicate with fellow NG officers, but also communicate with members of the other factions (FBI, LSFMD, and LSPD). Just like the radio chat, this is meant to stay IC, but the difference between /d and /r chat is that there will be no OOC chat in /d. If a high command or admin notices you speak OOC in /d then you may get in serious trouble.

Code: [Select]


The megaphone allows you to instruct citizens from a farther distance than /s. The megaphone can only be used in government vehicles. Binds for megaphones are allowed, but are to be kept to no longer than two lines in order to avoid spam and irritation.

Wanted list
Code: [Select]


The wanted list shows the current wanted suspects. It will display their name along with how many warrants they have.

Mobile Data Computer
Code: [Select]


The Mobile Data Computer will list a suspects crimes (though, for the most part, unfortunately, this is not the case). This should be used after you have received a suspects identification. * Generally not to be used by the NG

Deploying Roadspikes
Code: [Select]


Deploying roadspikes allows you to setup a simple roadspike to stop vehicles entirely. This command can only used by a rank five or six (captains and above) and only one roadspike can be spawned for the entire server. When a vehicle hits the roadspike, their car will jump a bit, causing the suspect to lose a good majority of their health and their car getting wrecked.

Destroying Roadspikes
Code: [Select]


Destroying roadspikes allows you to remove a roadspike, so long as you're right next to it. This command can only be used by a rank five or six (captains and above).

5. Vehicle Information

Vehicles may only be driven with permission from a Major or higher, otherwise you must use civilian vehicles.
The 'Patriot' is a four-doored vehicle and is relatively fast. It's used for standard Humvee Patrol around DeMorgan, as well as arresting trespassers or escorting escapees back to the prison.

A two-doored slow vehicle. Since it can't be driven out of DeMorgan it should just be used to arrest trespassers or escapees if they are inside the facility already and no Patriot's are available.

A big two-seated helicopter. Useful to chase after other helicopters attempting to land in or near DeMorgan. There is a modification that allows people to walk into it and then sit down allowing 4 passengers.

A tank equipped with a large cannon, the Rhino is able to easily shoot down slow or stationary aircrafts, as well as shoot vehicles with ease. Is able to easily drive over other vehicles, crushing them.

This standard Army helicopter is equipped with missiles and a minigun, making it one of the best aircraft available. It's not the fastest, however it is easy to control where it will shoot.

This fierce Army jet is equipped with heat seeking missiles, making it extremely hard to miss once locked on. It is easily the fastest aircraft available but as a result can make it a bit harder to aim and get a lock on other vehicles or aircraft.

6.Radio Dispatch
Being in Ventrilo at all times while on duty is mandatory. If you are not in vent when ever you are in game you better have a decent excuse and also you may receive punishment for not being in Ventrilo while in game.

7. Chain of Command
You are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the national guard works. So if someone is a higher rank than you and tell you something you better do it. As a Private you may feel like you know everything there is to know. Trust us you don't. Keep in mind once you screw around at any rank chances are you will be removed. Respect everyone in the national guard no mater what their rank is.

8. Radio Codes
** 10 Codes **
10-1: All units stops what your doing and meet me at .

10-3: Everyone stop talking.

10-4: I got the message and understood it.

10-5: Can you repeat that?

10-6: Disregard.

10-7: Stand-by.

10-8: Currently busy.

10-14: Requesting a pickup at .

10-20: Current location.

10-21: Tell me your status.

10-22: Go to .

10-27: Changing frequencies.

10-40: Many people in the area.

10-41: There is possible illegal activity in the area.

10-55: Traffic stop.

10-56: Background check.

10-57 VICTOR: In pursuit of a vehicle.

10-57 FOXTROT: In a foot-chase.

10-60: Description of the vehicle.

10-6: Description of the suspect.

10-70: Requesting backup.

10-70 ECHO: Requesting emergency backup.

10-70 TANGO: Requesting S.W.A.T.

10-71: Requesting an ambulance.

10-98: No more assistance is required for at the moment.

10-99: The situation has ended.

** Status Codes **
Status 1: Off duty
Status 2: On duty
Status 3: Going on break
Status 4: Patrolling

** Identity Codes **
IC1: White
IC2: Black
IC3: Latino
IC4: Middle Eastern
IC5: Asian
IC6: Unknown ethnicity

** Importance Responding Codes **
Code 0: Urgent assistance required (Drop what you're doing and attend)
Code 1:Respond in your own time (Deal with other things first)
Code 2:Respond in your own time (Deal with this first)
Code 3: Respond with lights
Code 4: Intruder in DeMorgan, respond immeidately
Code 5: Prisoners escaping/escaped

9. Ranks and Divisions

Private ( Pvt. ) - Rank 1

* If you're a Private then you have yet to pass basic training, and shown that you're capable of the very basics of being a soldier. A Private`s division is set by default F.D.D.

Sergeant ( Sgt. ) - Rank 2
* If you're a Sergeant then you have finished your learning of the National Guard rules. You know what you're doing and can follow orders and now you're officially a soldier. You many now choose a division to join.

Captain ( Cpt. ) - Rank 3
* If you've achieved this rank then you are obviously working hard and doing a good job. Keep doing what you're doing and you will become a higher rank soon. You may now give small orders to Privates and Sergeants . You are now also capable of leading a Division.

Major ( Maj. ) - Rank 4
* Now that you have achieved this rank you have more responsibilities. You can command any rank below you and you`ve reached the nearly High Command.

Lt. General ( Lt. Gen. ) - Rank 5
* A Lt. General is the next-to-be General. You have proven yourself to be a great Soldier and leader. The leading of the whole National Guard is ahead of you.

General ( Gen. ) - Rank 6
* The most Elite and skillful of the National Guard. You have the authority to fire, hire, promote and demote anybody you wish.

National Guard

The National Guard consists of many different tasks for it's members. This small guide will help everybody to become familiarized.

Humvee Patrol
This task involves the person assigned to drive a Patriot around the borders of the orange zone, following the dirt road that is spread out around the prison. They are to arrest anybody within the yellow zone and red zone, however if they're in the red zone they may shoot on sight

Air Patrol
This task involves the person assigned to fly a Cargobob over all three zones; yellow, orange and red. They need to tell other aircraft to land immediately, and if necessary the aircraft will be shot down by ground soldiers.

Cell Duty
This simple task involves staying in the cell area, where prisoners are. There should be two people assigned here if possible so that one may escort released prisoners outside or in case of a break-in.
People may only be let out of cells if only one is let out at a time and there is a minimum of 4 Soldiers inside DeMorgan at the time. (If there is more prisoners you will need to cuff all the other ones first.)

Control Tower
This is a fairly annoying task. Whoever is assigned to it should stay within the control room at all times, viewing the cameras ( /camera 1-7 | off ) and opening the gate when required. Do not leave this room unless it is necessary or you've been assigned to do control tower and watch tower duties together, or you are ordered out.

Watch Tower
This task involves standing on one of the six watch towers located around the edges of DeMorgan. You are permitted to shoot down any incoming aircraft, as well as alerting others of their presence via (/r)adio.

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