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My NG Leader Application

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My NG Leader Application Empty My NG Leader Application

Post by Adrian_Taleb on Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:16 pm

So you want to join the National Gaurd well then you will have to prove yourself.
1. What is your name: Adrian_Taleb
2. When were you born: in 1/16/1993.
3. Do you know the San Andreas map well:i know it very well
4. How good is your driving (Good,Bad) :you could say very well.Example: i can travel from SF to LS 100 miles an hour with out crashing or maybe only once.
5. In one paragraph why would you like to join the National Gaurd:
I am working as a Sargent in NG Air Force division already and i am applying to be leader,our general got transfer to NOOSE faction so i am trying to be responsible and be leader and complete my Goals.
6. How well do you shoot: very well i am a Sargent i am have been in NG for long.
7. Do you have a Criminal Record, if so in what:no,no i don't i am clear as the sun is.
8. If you were to incounter a man breaking into the National Guard offices what would you do: i would taze him and cuff him then take him to the prison that is near me Demorgan and prison him.In other way is he have guns i would fight him back and try to stop him and if i couldnt i will kill him.
9. Are you a member of the NRA:no.
10. Do you think Admins should be paid to work on the server:no not really because being an admin is fun and thats enough to go with.


1. Do you have TeamSpeak and a working mic?yes i do and i use them almost every day.
2. Have you been in the NG in any past servers?yes like three times in this following servers:"Platinum Gaming Roleplay" and "San Andrease Life RolePlay" and some more that i dont really remember.

By submitting this application to the National Guard, I, [Adrian_Taleb] declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a Interview by the General will be preformed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under consent of my own. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order.


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