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Post by Funter_Freeman on Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:08 pm

His mother being Japanese and fathered by a Thai man, Jin carried the characteristics of both of his parents equally. Following the times of Gulf War, his mother and father have met in a lovely union, separated dramatically and have endured a romantic longing, in which, Funter was born, at the winter of the year 1993, on the humid hills of Thailand. His mother found it difficult and against the tradition to send him to a school at a foreign country where his father had been exiled into. She has decided Jin to be raised in the monk school in Cheang Mai. Being extremely strict, this school was perhaps was the most overzealous one about being traditional. Many years and months Jin ran and trained on the mossy stone steps of the seclusion. By the age of 14, he found himself having had argued about a philosophical matter with the head monk of the senior monks. The argument was about the role of clouds in frog reincarnations. Funter offered to resolve the discussion on the field of combat, using bare fists and feet as he hoped to restore his unripe honor. The head monk of the senior monks accepted this feeble challenge as he was confident in his ability to perceive the world much better than Jin could ever have. As they met under the sky painted pink and blue in the evening of an uneasy day, their bodies collided each other in a fierce battle. After a while the head monk fell onto the stone altar of the shrine and left his worldly body behind. Funter was victorious, yet he had gone against the very principles of the teachings of the school and the main ideas that have been the founding pillars of its philosophy by killing another living being. He was cast out on the spot and had to run away to save his life. Living the life of a beggar and a fakir, he traveled from village to village, city to city. He spent time in the forest when he was hungry and lived in the jungles of the modern cities when he was feeling lucky, Jin went on for two years like this, before he finally found a job in the newspaper with unfair but very promising conditions. Month after month he worked, wrote and interviewed as he climbed up the ranks of the inadequate newspaper company. He had already reached the age of 17 when he found the trace of his father and where he had gone to. He arranged a journey into the city of Los Angeles across the ocean which involved a small deal of smuggling and a limousine job. He rented an apartment downtown, got in touch with the locals and already having had learned their easy language, he set out on a quest in the streets to find his long exiled father.

I have always wanted to write and investigate, dive deep into the heart of information at hand which is cultivated from witnesses, facts and rumors and bring out a sensational story about actors and events. This is the only job i have done in my life - a life which many would consider to be short in years, but my own belief is that life is only as long until death takes us in and therefore it is imperative to live our brief time with something fast paced, adventurous and fulfilling like news reporting. Also i want to improve my skill in this area as i have not received an official education in journalism and only went on with my experience in the past.

I believe that you would find my addition into the news team useful because of my past experiences in news reporting, journalism and being a junior-editor in other cities, as well as my wide knowledge and training in human behavior and motivational psychology. I have been trained in my childhood to observe, inform and analyze as i was raised in the monk seclusionary. I am experienced in many freelance jobs as well as official positions in other news department organizations. What motivates me about this job is the opportunity and excitement, as well as the pay. Plus I’m good at driving and sneaking a microphone or sticking a camera into the area of an event or occurrence at hand.

*microphone clicks on* Good afternoon San Andreas! This is Jin reporting from the great canyons of the Purple Desert! The heat is unbelievable and sun is shining bright from the helmets of the racers beneath! The annual race of sand biking is being held in this beautiful day this year and I am here to announce you the atmosphere before the race actually starts. As the race is illegal we are not allowed to continue our broadcast about it once it starts, but hang on! We shall deliver you the utmost details once it is finished and the prize holders are concluded. I hope the Green Berets don't dive in storming in middle of the race this year! Ah that was an awful sight last time. But here we are, the same people are taking part side by side with the rookies and many tryouts! Let us hope that it will be carried out in a manner of sportsmanship. There are rumors about most racers being figures of the underworld you see, small and big criminals - but hold on! I hear the race is starting! We will be with you again shortly San Andreas, stay tuned! Jin out! *microphone clicks off*


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