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Post by Kubz on Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:40 pm

About N.W.O. Ilt6l

Introduction to the Gang
You know how in every server there is a gang that is overpowered and owns Los Santos and kills cops for entertainment, well we are that gang! However, that means we accept only the sharpest shooters and best drivers. We have an HQ worth $50 of donations in total, with the Caluguila's Casino interior and a COMPLETELY sealed off gang HQ which only gang members, andmins, and hackers can enter, and trust me, we have an advanced anticheat system that will prevent hackers. We are also getting a /gangitems system to get weapons for the gang, since we are so rich! Every week, we rob the bank and escape/kill all the cops in our way!

About our Members
As I said earlier, we accept only the best shooters and drivers. That means that you must be a pro SAMP gamer to join. The leaders of the gang are Server Owner Kubz, and Head Scripter Luke! We have a couple members so far, and we have about 20 vehicles which all have electric vehicle locks which can be locked with /gvlock.

Joining the Gang
Now, I am thinking you would like to apply for the gang, so you can see application format here, and post your application here.

Leaving the Gang
If you decide to leave the gang, you MUST be CKed (Character Killed)! This is because we use secret codes in our gang to avoid LEOs and you can't know them ICly.

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

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