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Noah_Hatfield | Admin team application.

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Noah_Hatfield | Admin team application. Empty Noah_Hatfield | Admin team application.

Post by Noah_Hatfield on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:25 am

IG Name:

IG Level:

How long you playing in our server?
I think it has been about a month now.

You ever been admin,helper or gamemaster?
Helper and Moderator.

Rate your english? (8/10):
spelling is not perfect, But i'm from Florida, I do know the language xD.

What's your timezone?
GMT -4

Have you ever been banned in any server? If yes explain why.
Yep because i get mods and fly around and get detected in a heartbeat. (Would never do that here though.)

Do you have ALT' accounts?

Do you have working mic?
Yes and Teamspeek.


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