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[SANews] Application & Recruitment status: [OPEN]

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[SANews] Application & Recruitment status: [OPEN]

Post by jerry1996 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:51 pm

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The Recruitment status is: OPEN/CLOSE. The date is: 13th of April 2011.

The application format

(( post on the forums whits subject: ''FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME Application for SANews''))


<a href=""><img src="" width="679" height="114" alt="SANews Application." /></a>

    [font=arial][u][b][color=Green](( - IC Application - ))[/b][/u]

    [color=black]• Full name: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Date of Birth: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Nationality: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]

    • Why are you interested in a career in the media, and journalism in general ([color=red][b]Minimum 5 lines[/b][/color]): [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Write a short news article ([color=red][b]Minimum 10 lines[/b][/color]), it can be fictional: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]

    [b][u][color=Green](( - OOC Application - ))[/color][/u][/b]
    • Name:
    • Age (If you prefer not to disclose, Its fine): [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Location in the world (Country, State): [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Time Zone: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Character level: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • How often are you online: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Have you ever been banned: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    - If yes, Why: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Grade your RP level on a scale of 1 - 10: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Why do you give yourself that grade: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Can you speak English fluently: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Do you have a microphone and Teamspeak software: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Do you plan on leaving SAN for another faction in the future: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Have you been kicked/denied from the faction before, if so, why: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • List your previous factions and ranks: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • What does "IC" Stand for?: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • What does "OOC" Stand for?: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Please define Metagaming: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    •lease define Powergaming: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Please define Deathmatching: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Please define RK: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Please define CK: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Please define PK: [color=red]ANSWER[/color]
    • Give example for good "/me" (make multiple /me's):
    • Anything else you would like to add ((Not required but could improve your chances)): [color=red]ANSWER[/font][/color][/color][/color][/spoiler]

© 2011, Copyright SANews

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