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Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN]

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Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN] Empty Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN]

Post by Anthony on Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:07 am

If you want to join the Taxi Cabbie co please fill up this application.

[Start Of Application]
Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN] Untitled-3-2

Taxi_Cabbie Company Application Form

IN CHARACTER_________________________________________________________________
1) First Name:
2) Middle Name(s):
3) Last Name(s):
4) Gender:
5) Date of Birth: [dd] / [mm] / [yyyy]
6) Place of Birth:
7) Current Address:
8 ) Telephone Number:
9) Education:
10) Languages:
11) How long have you been driving?:
12) Do you have a valid driving license?:
13) What licenses do you have?
14) Do you know MOST of the locations of Red, Flint and Bone county?
15) Are you familiar with the rules of the road?:
16) Do you know the speed limits? If yes, write them(Town, Country Road & Highway):
17) Have you got any criminal record?:
17a)If yes, write them:
/\Lying about this will get you permanently denied from applying in Cabbie Co!/\
18) Have you got any experience with driving cabs?
19) Have you ever been employed in any Taxi Company before?:
20) Please put a list of all the companies((Factions)) you have been hired before:
21) Why do you want to join the Cabbie Co?(Minimum 35 words and please be creative):
22) Tell us a bit about yourself(Minimum 60 words and please be creative):
23) Have you ever used a gun? Do you have one? What weapon?
24) Why do you think you will be a good asset to the Cabbie Company?:
25) If you are accepted to the company, what do you think you would improve to make us better?:
26) What do you have in special in your opinion that you will be accepted into Cabbie Co.?
27) Any more information/comments?:

OUT OF CHARACTER_____________________________________________________________
1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Location & Time Zone:
4) Character level:
5) What does "IC" Stand for?:
6) What does "OOC" Stand for?:
7) Please define Metagaming:
8 ) Please define Powergaming:
9) Please define Deathmatching:
10) Please define RK:
11) Please define CK:
12) Please define PK:
13) Give example for good "/me" (make multiple /me's):
14) Please define the command "/ame":
15) Give a good example for "/ame":
16) Rate your Roleplaying skills from 1 to 10:
17) How long have you been playing at "Red County Roleplay" server?:
18) Put a list of all the factions you've been before, on all your accounts:
19) Please post a screenshot of your In-Game Statistics and driving licenses [/stats and /licenses]:
20) What character you gonna use for the faction [alt/main]:
21) If you are accepted to the company, will you be active on the account and be at least 70% of the time on duty?:
22) Please put here a list of all your accounts in-game, and namechanges (Or PM "Akira" with all your account names):

23) Any more information/comments?:


[End Of Application]

Feel free to add more things

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Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN] Empty Re: Application format RECRUITMENT STATUS [OPEN]

Post by Kubz (Old Account) on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:39 pm

Nice app

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