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Rollin' 60s [Crips]

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Rollin' 60s [Crips] Empty Rollin' 60s [Crips]

Post by Malcom on Tue May 03, 2011 1:46 am

Rollin' 60s [Crips] 2pqnreu


Rollin' 60s [Crips] 29y5izb

1970's - The beginning of a new era, the beginning of Rollin Sixties.

1992 - Malcom "Eazy" Wright shipped off to Los Santos state penitentiary in the early summer of

1992 - Serving a two year sentance for a small stint. As Malcom entered his new cell, A black male laying on the top bunk sets down his book and looks at Malcom as he enters. Malcom sits down on the bottom bunk and mumbles to him self "Two Years". The male then responds quickly with a smirk then says "Try twenty-five". The man then asks "Whats your name cuhz?". Malcom quickly responds "Malcom ... Malcom wright". "Welcome to home, name is Tiequan cuh'.". Tiequan would later teach Malcom the law of the streets and the conducts of being a Crip.

1993 - "You see locc, Willowfield was the spot my nigga, Lowridas' scrapin', Systems bumpin', Blue flags flyin', Red flags dien', You know what it is nigga. When you get out cuhz, I want you to run the set for Me, If i dont get out .. Its your locc.". "But what about the niggas there now homie?" Says Malcom, "Dont worry about it locc, Im goin' to set shit up for you for my niggas down there, They gonna understand and respect my decision."

1994 - Malcom was making his bed for the last time in prison, Before he could finish the guards stopped him infront of his cell. "Malcom wright, its your lucky day." "Give me a minute, shit." Tiequan gives Malcom and combination code to a locker that is located at his mothers room at a project building at Willowfield. "Aye cuh, promise me that you gonna get 60s rollin' like the old days cuh'" Says Tiequan. "I promise locc ....." And slowly walks out of the cell. Malcom steps off the bus right on the corner of 5th street and takes a deep breath and begins to walk up to the projects. Tiequans mother was unloading grocierys from Her tahoma as Malcom walks up and asks "You Tiequan's Moms'?" The lady looks at Malcom and replies "Yes, Why do you ask?". Malcom holds out a envolope containing a letter from her son, Tiequan. Tiequans mother drops her grocierys and quickly grabs the envelope from Malcom and rips it open, she grabs a peice of paper from the envolope and starts to read it. "Come inside", She says. She leads Malcom into Tiequans old room. Tiequans mother quickly opens a closet in the room and says "There is the locker, Hurry up and get out after you open it", She says. Malcom slowly approaches the locker and uses the combination that Tiequan gave him and opens the locker. Malcom pulls out a blue backpack and shuts the locker, Malcom quickly walks outside of the project building and unzips the backpack, Malcom slowly pulls out a freshly folded blue bandana and a Glock 17. Malcom takes a deep breath and ties the blue flag around his forehead and conceals the Glock 21 in his wasteline, Then slowly begins to walk down the dark street unto 5th st.

1994 - As Malcom walks up to 5th street he see's a male fully dressed in blue clothing smoking a blunt by the street pole. "Yo w'sup cuhz, What'cho name is?" Says the Man as Malcom approaches Him. "Eazy, homeboy .. What about'chu?" says Malcom. "Niggas on the street call me King cuh', Anyways .. Your that locc that Tiequan was talkin' 'bout right?" says Daniel as he leans off of the light pole. "You wanna hit this my nigga?" "Nah cuhz im straight.". Daniel nods his head to the back alley, motioning Malcom to follow Him. As they approach the alley two black males in brown flags attack him with bats from both ways of the alley, Daniel turns around and begins to beat Malcom up. "Ah! Ay' what the FUCK nigga" says Malcom and he jumps back and readys his fist to fight. The three men begin to jump Malcom and beat him up, Moments later ... "Welcome to the set my nigga" Says Daniel as He helps Malcom up from the ground. "Yeh', Aiight then." Says Malcom as he breaths heavy and whipes the blood from his lip.

1995 - News Broadcast: "A dead 'gang banger' dressed in blue, Identified to be one of the members of the local criminal gang "G-MOB" was found dead in the Los Santos sewer earlier this morning, Suspects are still at large.""Damn OG Eazy, why the fuck you aint hid that fool?" says Jordan as he swiftly gets off the couch, "Hollow you shut the fuck up, whats done is done .. They aint gone catch us lil nigga relax cuzz" said Malcom as he kicks back in the recliner. "Les' jet." says Malcom as he hops out of the chair and walks for the door. Moments later on the street ..."Eazy, One of my homeboys from Liberty City is comin' down to LS cuzz, This nigga lead a 20 crip set up in New York loc .. Hes a down as nigga, The dudes name is "Lil Treez" says Daniel as he posts up on his shining blue bicycle. "Aiight, whats w'sup .. We'll see about cuzz, then."

1995 (Continued) - "Damn D Niggas is going Crazy ova' This New shit Weebay Been putting out" Said SJ as they Stood on the corner of 5th Street *There are around 3 Crackheads walking around on the Street next to the corner* "Shit yo we gonna have to re-up soon anyway lemme hit up Weebay" *D Takes his phone out and Calls up a number letting it ring Twice and hanging up*. 15 minutes later..*A Black Escalade rolls around the corner and turns down into the alley where the Passenger Drops a duffel bag out the Passenger side* "Aight D..Lets get back to this hustle" Said SJ as they Returned to the Corner.

1996 - 2000 - As time went by so did the money around Willowfields. As word was soon passed through the last four years Lil Treez did arrive and meet Eazy and King. There was some fude between Lil Treez and Eazy as always because they never stood on the same two feet, but when it came to handle business Lil Treez and Eazy made it through. Weebay and SJ were now ranked in the 60s set and others came onto the set such as "Blu" and "Panic." Pounds and keys were still be moved in by the shipment and crackheads were loving it.

Beef with MOB had started up and went off. To Eazy things were a bit shady but money was the objective the whole time so beef was just a regular job to the crips out Willowfields. A new year hits soon to be 2000 and things are a bit crazy. Mexicans out close to grove street were starting there own lil import while of course Azira and BL from the WCA set were still quite and laid back. GMOB had long gone died out. It was a crazy battle between the two, money being robbed, people gettin' set up, mothers and children who walk there everyday lived around the city were no inside locking there doors. After GMOB falled out alot of these gangs were happy and started to come together, not as one, but on a term of understanding that they can get back to there focus....or so they thought......

2000- *BOOM, BOOM, BOOM* "Yes, yes, yes, ye-ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me Weebay.. fuck me...ahhhh...." The girl Tanisha continues to ride Weebay as his eyes are in the back of his head. "Fuck baby, i think im about to cum", Weebay screams as his body moved in a parrell motion. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* The noise gets louder as they changed positions and Weebay inserts his dick into her from the back as if a doggy position can be pictured. Soon the sounds of the dashboards turns to a *CLAP* noise due to Weebay pounding her ass back against him. "Ohhh my gooood, im coming bay, im comin". Tanisha's legs begin to shake. Weebay's room wasn't all that big due to all the cocaine packages around his room stacked up to the wall. You would think his room is his own lil warehouse. *Chuckling*, "Damn baby dat shit was good... let me use the bathroom real quick."

Weebay gets up from the bed, leaving Tanisha on the bed stretched out like a play doll after a 4 yr kid plays with it and heads to the bathroom. He hears a loud thud as he grabs the tissue and begins to to clean himself. Weebay never liked using condoms he always said it took away from the feeling. *The door slowly opens up and SJ, Panic, and some others walk into the house on 5th street. SJ is holding his glock 17 out. Panic grabs the duffle bag from the others and puts it on the table as the other young niggas from the set open up the cabinet and begint o take out about five scales. Blue and T-Bone are outside on the block rollin' dice and smoking it up getting high. Soon after Weebay comes out the bathroom and walks into the kitchen...* "What's goin down ma niggas?" *SJ turns to Weebay and throws up a "C" as he talks slowly putting it down after giving his respects* "Shit nigga, just another day cuzz, trien get dis money prepared ya digg? *Weebay nods slowly as he turns back into his room and loses his door.* "Man, how come that nigga Weebay never on the block cuzz? Dat shit ani't right manye, feel like im out pushing dis weight he in there collecting money, gettin pussy." *Panic snaps his attention to T-Bone and glares at him. Panic was always the quite type of guy. He stood tall, but never really spoke unless spoken to, or never had words unless words were given. Kinda the average creepy type of guy that smoked a cigg on his step and watched woman run down the street staring at there breast. *T-bone shakes his head once more* "Shit it don't even matter, as long as i'm gettin' paid dats all that matters. Fuck it, im go hit da block..get dis money" *T-bone grabs his Mac-10 off the counter and ounze of cocaine and stuffs it in his front part of his pants. He exits the door. *CLICK* "See thats the type of bullshit i don't need in this family. This is the type of this niggas who you gotta weed out." *Weebay pops out from the door everyone thought was closed. His glock is drawn out clear in the open in his hand. SJ continues to cook and mixed up the coke in the pot with the others explaining to them how to do it. Weebay paces the floor then grabs his cellphone. As he does that, the three OG's walk through the door in order of there rank.. Eazy, Treez, then King. Everyone stop what there doin' and faces them and raises a "C" high in the air and turns back around back to what there doing. King and Treez head to the living room and begin to whisper to each other. Weebay closes his phone and looks at Eazy.*

2000(continued)- "Just the nigga i need to see.." Weebay speaks out loud in anger. *Eazy puts his hand on his glock and looks at he looks down then back up at Eazy. "What we lookin' like today Bay? Money?" Movement? How much has it risen?" Weebay was in charge of the whole cocaine system as he knew how it was run back in the day. SJ was like his right hand man on the side, whateva you need handle and Weebay wasn't around SJ knew how to compusate from it and make it happen. "OG, You kno' that lil skinny nigga T-bone? He actin reckless cuzz, talking about how he always do the same shit and him, him, him, always eating. Selfish as nigga. *Eazy scracthes his head witht he barrel of his gun.* "Off dat nigga then Weebay." Eazy says has he walks into the living room to join Treez and King playing spades. *Weebay turns to Panic and nods. Panic grabs his 357. berretta and walks outside the house and spots T-bone. He walks up to him and calm matter. T-bone is posted on the wall with both of his hands in his pockets.* It was a cold day, the weather seemed to be gettin warmer but there was still a slight breeeze. Panic approaches T-bone and nods to him. T-bone nods back and begins to speak. "I kno' you fee' me Panic. I mean look at you nigga, all you do it dirty work same lil lame ass- *BOOOM* "You take too fuckin' long Panic,"Treez chuckles and says as he watches T-Bone fall to ground. T-Bones head begins to bleed as you can see a whole in the back of his head and a hole in the front of his forehead. Treez bends down to him and checks his pockets frisking him slowly and taking his cash. Panic and Treez drag his body to the alleyway on 5th street as they hear loud Mexican music playing as four savannas approach 5th street slowly......


Disobey these rules will result in a automatic kick, no second chances.

60s OOC faction rules.
Rule 1
Role-play every - single - thing you do.

Rule 2
Do not abuse /b.

Rule 3
OOC attitude and maturity must be kept at 100%.

Rule 4
Follow every single server rule.

Rule 5
Never leave a solider behind

Rule 6
60s crip doesn't brawl outnumbered, we squeeze out shi'

Rule 7
Never snitch ; Snitch = Blood shed

Rule 8
If you want to leave the family = Blood shed own

Rule 9
Make yourself fearful, but not respected

Rule 10
Never pull a gun on another fam member

Rule 11
Being respected means showing up around the hood (two weeks)

Rule 12
Know your place, or you'll be put in place

Rule 13
Follow the tattoos with the ranks

Rule 14
If you fuck up anyway possible; You will be DP'd (disciplined) for 6 minutes

Ranks & Duties of 60s Crips

Your either new to the hood or someone inside the family is friends with you. At this rank your just considered someone who is gaining knowledge. Your not trash nor a bitch at this rank. It has been told that some outsiders have proven them-selves worthier than most flagged crips. Your duties at this rank is to basically gain respect. You should be doing all that you can to show the family that you will die for the code of 60s crips; Whether it is selling drugs, robbing people on the street or making killings around the city. Always keep a open ear/eye for the flagged members. Ask questions if your confused...

Your blue flag is given to you and you are jumped into the gang. "Crip" is tatted across your chest due to this initiation into the family. At this rank your job is to bang the set and make it be known; Tag up the city, murder people who this family is extorting; sell crack cocaine and bring in money to the family. Keep the name of 60s Crip feared in the street's and make sure that the higher up's know your a serious street solider.

Tiny Gangster
"TG" is tatted on the left side of your arm as a way of showing your moving up in the family. Your duties are now a bit more exspected but the same. The only thing that is mainly different is to look after the outsiders of the family and make sure your showing them the ways of banging the set. Bring in cash; stealing/robbing/sellin dope is the main objective. If the lower ranks below you have a question you should know how to handle it.

Baby Gangster
"BG" is tatted down your right arm at this rank. You've been in the set/family long enough you know whats going on in the street's. Your job is to over see the lower ranks as your hustle with them. You mainly collect the money from TG and lower ranks if there not able to get it to the "safe". Your most trusted when it comes to making a deal or riding out to perform a C187. Your duties still consist of putting in work but if the lower ranks dont handle it correctly, your the "clean up crew".

Original Tiny Gangster
Your known as the OG's left hand man at this rank...You can make the call to ride out on a another set if seen fit (Only if Right hand is not around)...."OTG" is tatted below your right eye for respect. Your job is to mainly over see the lower ranks and make sure the street's/hood is taken care of. If they need a re-up then your the one to handle that. Your face is to be shown at family meetings and you have say and how the meeting goes but you do not make the final call. As far as putting in work; your days are pretty much over with as to the fact, your respect is high enough you can send lower ranks to do your "dirty" work. Keep the BG's in line and the line will trickle down.

Original Baby Gangster
Your known as the OG's right hand man at this rank. If the OG's are not around your call is final no matter what. If a meeting is called you represent the OG's spot and speak on there behalf. When it comes to putting in work, your days are pretty much over; you've earned your color's and respect so you can send others to do your dirty work. Your duties are to over see the lower ranks and make sure they are keeping the set/family name high in the street's. If the lower ranks need a re-up then your the one who needs to make that happen. "OBG" is tatted below your left eye. At this rank your allowed to recruit and jump in a "outsider" as seen fit, you can order hits on another set also if seen fit.

Original Gangster
"OG" is tatted on your neck at this rank. Your duties are simple but yet keeping order at the same time. You must make sure your left hand and right hand are in order and report to you for anything. If supplies gets low, you contact the connect and make moves. Your word is final on the street. Your status is beyond the family and you should be hugged when approached instead of "nodded" upon. Whateva you say, happens the split second you say it.
Members List of Rollin' 60s

Tha Crew.

Original Gangster (1)

Original Baby Gangster (0)

Original Tiny Gangster (0)

Baby Gangster (0)

Tiny Gangster (0)

Youngin' (0)

Outsider (0)

Total Members: 1

Faction Relations
"You either with us or against us ..."

Rollin' 60s [Crips] Untitled-1-83

Rollin' 60s [Crips] Untitled-3-15

Rollin' 60s [Crips] Untitled-2-27

Rollin' 60s [Crips] Untitled-1-82

How to get in the Rollin' 60's

Before you apply, read up on crip knowlage and slang, Don't even try to apply if you're not going to put any effort into joining.
Post your application on with the following:

[Your Full Name] Rollin' 60s Application
(Copy and Paste application on your thread)


This should be your title so we know this is strickly your application, then of course post your application on your thread. It will be reviewed by a leader of the faction soon enough. "NOTIFYING" a leader of this that you posted your application will result in a deny from the faction, you will have to re-apply in 1 week. If denied a reason will be posted and re-apply in 1 week if your desire to(Unless your blacklisted). Be as detailed as possible. "If you feel this is too much to be in a faction then good luck to you elsewhere. Rollin' 60s stands on high standards and will stick to them until the day it goes away." I thank you for your time and reading this thread and the leaders of this faction want to wish you good luck in your efforts to joining.


Rollin' 60s OOC application

1. What is your in game name?

2. What is your in game level?

3. Please post a SS of your kicks/bans/warn history?

4. Please define the exmaple of metagame and please give me a brief example of it using "/me".

5. Please define the example of powergame and please give me a brief example of it using "/me".

6. Please define the example of deathmatching, and give me a short brief example of it by explaining.

Short Answers (Explain in 4-5 sentences)

1. What do you think Rollin' 60s crip is about based of your knowledge of what you kno' and by any other means?

2. As a new outsider to this faction we base your respect to us highly than anything else. Why is respect towards a leader important?

3. As a leader lookin' down to a outsider to see what type of person he/she is carries a long way through out the days and time. What can you tell us about your character?

4. If you have a situation with a leader in the faction how would you handle it? How would you handle it if it was a member of the faction? Why would you do it that way?


Character Story
Please post a small character story about your character.
* 2 Paragraphs minimum- 7-8 Sentences*

This is just an OOC application to tell us if your ready to attempt to join Rollin' 60s. The rest is all In Character. You WILL Be Ck'd/Fpk'd upon leaving

Last , but not least once you are ACCEPTED to the gang you will have to RP with us to really get in.
RP Is the key for you to get in.

Report a Crip

If you see a member of this faction doing anything wrong please come here and follow the Format and the member will be Dealt with.

Your IG Name:
Member you are Reportin:
What happend?:
Evidence (Screenshots Or Witnesses?):
What do you think is a Fair punishment:

Please post this Here and await a leader to review your report.

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Post by Brad Lason on Tue May 03, 2011 1:54 am

Really nice Application in my opinion, if this is actually your Application and not copied.
Brad Lason
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Rollin' 60s [Crips] Empty Re: Rollin' 60s [Crips]

Post by Malcom on Tue May 03, 2011 2:17 am

Its not. I tried to make this as best as possible. I worked really hard on this. I hope you , you understand to. If you say I copied then I think you should , but let me tell you something. I believe that I didn't. So think what you want.

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Rollin' 60s [Crips] Empty Re: Rollin' 60s [Crips]

Post by Kubz on Fri May 13, 2011 4:20 am

I really like it, but where do you want your HQ? what skins do you want? what vehicles?
(you gotta donate for more that 3 vehicles)

Thanks for all the support in helping me to keep this server up. Our next objective to get our New Script 100% working for our players.

You better play regularily...

Rollin' 60s [Crips] KubzDezServerOwnerLosSantosBackground

I will respond to all questions and help faster with e-mail than a PM. E-mail me at

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