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Post by Chris_Reardon on Mon May 23, 2011 2:23 pm

IG Name: Chris_Reardon
IG Level: 4
Bank Balance: 90k because just bought a house
Starting players(atleast 2): [ME] = Leader , Jonnie_Matthewz = Rank 3

1.Family story : Chris shielded his eyes when light came crashing down on him. He had just exited Las Venturas' prison where he had spent a good portion of five years, there. He, Zach, and Ray, all brothers, met up at Las Venturas to talk about taking out a rival the three had hated more then anything. The guy who was responsible for killing off members of his own crew, Oceanside Street Crew. Well, they found him. And they killed him. The gunshot was louder then expected, and the three managed to get in a car and try to drive away, but were caught up. They couldn't place the murder back onto them, since they had gotten rid of the evidence, but the twenty pounds of weed, and ten pounds of cocaine in the trunk were enough to sentence each person to five years in federal prison. Now, a free man, Chris walked out alongside Zach and Ray. There was a cab driver to take them back to Los Santos. When they got there, however, it wasn't what they had expected. Some other gang claimed their territory. The Oceanside Street Crew tags had disappeared, as if they had been cleaned, and they couldn't find a member in sight. Oceanside Street Crew, had fallen while the three leaders were in jail. Chris sighed, and told them to pack their things from their house, they were moving away from their once proud turf, into a new area. Dubbing this area, as "Oceanside" which wasn't all that far from the previous one, they began to set up camp, go back to dealing, and do whatever it takes to make it in this city, just as they did before. The only difference was, they didn't have numbers. They didn't have weapons. All they were, was just another crew to the city. A recognizable crew in the eyes of some, but would they get previous members to run back to them? He didn't know. A long time ago, when he formed it, Chris didn't care about race. Didn't care about gender. If you could hold your own, if you could bring in money, and if you could do what it takes, whatever it takes, then you were welcomed in. Each person held respect for each member, as if they were a close family. You watch their back, they'll watch yours.

May 20th 2011

Chris stood outside the hood, and was smoking on his cigarette, a habit he had always been into since the age of fourteen. Zach rolled up in his beat up car and told him to come with him. Chris got in the car, asking whats up. Zach had told him, there was a gang, called Northside Street Crew. He said, it had a leader Chris would know about. So, Chris grabbed a teal spray can and walked up to their turf. Zach, in the car, waiting in case things went south. Chris went up to the wall and spray painted OSC - We're back onto the wall, and as he turned to leave, some guy charged at him. Chris dipped out to the car and they got away, but if this was indeed a former family member of OSC, he'd be welcomed to their new hood. Chris and Zach, drove back to the hood, and looked around. This was a chill spot, for sure. But Chris always had doubts, and he knew one day, a rival gang would come along, trying to claim their territory for their own. Chris had three things on his mind. First one, get more family members. Second, get a gang of money. Third, remind Los Santos, why they used to be the kings of the west side.

(The story is from the point of view, of Chris, since they hung around for awhile at Oceanside, they were the self proclaimed Kings of the West Side. The story, will be under constant editing, with flashbacks to when our activity was greatest, when it was started, as well as feuds with Tr3 Block, and beef with 311 Verona Beach. This thread will always be updated. When I get everything sorted, this thread'll be "Complete" but will still be edited for things that goes on in game)

May 21st 2011

It was a long day. We checked down the marina, and saw that the people were keeping to one section. Our area up north, Oceanside, was free for the taking. I gathered up Zach, Ray, and James, from the motel, and we drove off, towards East Side. When we got there, nobody was around. The place looked deserted. As we began to tag up the back alleyways, to ensure our flag was put on this soil, two people came from behind. A man, I had barely known, with a man I had grown to trust. The man I trusted, was none other then Shawn Ramsay, an ex OSC member who stood by way back when we were going on and on about our Anarchy days, openly defying the government and the PD. Taggin' up helicopters, setting fire to a trash can outside the city hall, burning pictures of the mayor, and eventually burning the entire south-western toll bridge. Until those firefighters came back. Shawn, had been through it all, and he was always ready to help. The other guy, was Nathan Kobus, a man who had joined OSC around the time we were going after our rivals. He helped out with a lot of stuff. Word on the street is, this guy took over, when we left. He kept it running, until the inevitable downfall of the old members being chased and killed off by the other gangs. United, we stand. Seperated, we fall. That was always our motto, ever since we were "United Under Blood" back a long time ago. We talked, and the two agreed it was time to do something about Oceanside. Our home. It has always been our home. He had a connect, got myself a glock, and we set off to Palm Park. There was just a couple of drug dealers there. No gang rivals, no mafia. The place had turned to hell. We had always retreated the residents of each apartment with respect, and they turned their heads to us living there. It was disgusting. I walked up to the drug dealers, and stared at them. The two looked back, and asked if we wanted to buy some cocaine. Shit, cocaine. The worst drug out there, I always preferred weed. Good ol' Mary Jane. For the first time, I reached into my back pocket. It had been a long time since. I pulled out a white rag with a black design and raised the rag high up. The people stared us down, as we pulled guns out from our waistbands, I tied the rag around my face, where it used to be all the time back in the day, then reached in my waistband and pulled out my glock. "Your in our hood" I said. The drug dealers saw six people, squared off against two of them, and turned and high tailed it out of there. We took back Palm Park, and East Side. But T-Centralia, and a new area I was considering moving us into, were still taken. It was time to bring war to take back Oceanside, and we'd stop at nothing, to do what's right. All we needed, was time, and more family

May 22nd 2011

The footsteps echoed throughout the alleyway. Chris was sprinting to the end, two cops chasing him on foot. Chris grabbed the radio from his pocket, shouting into it. "Idlestacks is hot, pick me up at Mulholland Intersection!" Chris darted across the road, narrowly avoiding a car, sprinting towards Mulholland Intersection. A voice shouted through the radio. "Hang tight Chris, we're almost there. We're passing Jefferson right now!" Chris shouted back. "DAMNIT Jake, I got two fuckin' pigs on my ass, hurry your fucking ass up!" Chris turned right and began running towards the middle of Mulholland. His legs were aching, he was tired. A white buffalo came off from the south in mid-air, then landed bumpy. Chris kept running, this time, towards the buffalo. The buffalo swerved and did a 180 turn. As it came to a stop, Jake opened the passenger door. Chris broke off with more strength, powered by the hope of survival. The cops had stopped, and pulled out their tazers. Chris was already at the door, as he jumped in and closed the door. "STEP ON IT!" He shouted, as he reached into his waistband, withdrawing a glock. He took the safety off, cocked it, and leaned out the passenger window, aiming at the cops. He took a few shots, but as Jake turned, they were out of sight. Chris took the bandana off his face and put the sunglasses away, withdrawing his hood. It was a typical day, things just didn't go as expected. Ever since Oceanside Street Crew came back, things had been going crazy. Getting back into drug dealing, Chris met up with a guy named Dylan. Dylan was the newest member of the crew, who stayed with him when the police raided Oceanside. The old crew had come back. Shawn, Josh, Jake, Nathan, everybody who used to be in the old oceanside. Reppin the streets. The west side was theirs, and they needed to make their imprint on Los Santos. And what better way, then getting known, by causing mayhem? Back at idlestacks, Chris, Shawn, Josh, Dylan, and Jake were hanging around, standing in a crowd. A cop car rolled up. "Yo, let's go have some fun" Chris said as he put his bandana over his face, walking over to the cop car, followed by everybody else. Chris adopted a new song. "I shot the sherriiifff, but I did not shoot the deputttyyyy" He laughed as they surrounded the car. The cop was hard. "Back off before I get out and kick your ass" he said. "Ooohhh, Hard cop, aint he?" Chris replied. As they were about to finish, as another cop car rolled into the parking lot. The guy got out of his car, and Shawn decided it'd be fun to kick out a window. They all ran as he pulled out the taser and rolled in their rides. Chris shouted as he turned his car on. "QUICK, TO THE DONUT SHOP!" revving his engine as he peeled out, followed by Jake in his Buffalo, Shawn in his Freeway, and Josh and Dylan in his Admiral. As they peeled out, the two cops were right after them. It wasn't long until they had to abandon the car. Chris turned the engine off, got out, and all three dipped out in seperate directions. Now, Chris in the buffalo with Jake, drives back to the Admiral, opening the door and gets into it. Chris put his lips to the radio and spoke. "Wheres everybody at?" As each person gave their response, they gathered everyone and headed back to Oceanside. As they chilled out at "The Shot" Nathan walked in. "Yo guys?" He said. "Whats up" Chris replied. Nathan sat with the entire group, munching on food. "Yo, we got competition." He said. Everybody froze, and then turned to him. "Who?" Shawn asked. "We got some people hangin' down at Santa Maria. They look like they representin'" He finished. Chris got up, and slowly began to walk over to the door. The rest, followed suit. It was time to see who these people at Santa Maria were. And to keep them from Oceanside, by any means necessary.

2.Leaders and members : Leader = [ME]Chris_Reardon
3.Family rules,IC and OOC : Rule 1: You be reppin' OCS now. You want to hang with us, heres a few rules to follow. Rule number 1. Don't start shit with other gangs, hell, even mafias. Watch who you're talkin' to. If they're suited and have an intimidating look, you better check yo'self before you wreck yo'self.

Rule 2: Rule number 2. You're in the family now, and that means you need to watch out for your family. Watch their backs, never travel alone. United we stand, Apart we fall. Remember that. If you ever travel alone, stay away from 424's hood, and Glen Park. Them people straight tryin' to start shit.

Rule 3: Rule Number 3. You listen to the people who have more respect than you. Other people be here for a long time, and if you start shit with them, you're ass is gonna get beat the hell out. Treat them with respect, they have more colors than you have.

Rule 4: Rule number 4. Don't bring bad rep for our family. We don't want people rollin' around, laughing at us and starting shit with us because we started shit first. You gonna do somethin', think of the family before you go through with it. Think what repercussions could possibly happen.

Rule 5: Final rule, number 5. Don't you ever try to betray you're family. You betray us, we will kick you're ass, and send you straight to hell. We are a family, and we protect each other like one. If you betray us, or attack one of our own, consider you're ass out of our crew.

Rule 6 (OOC): Follow all the rules of NR-RP and all the rules of Oceanside Street Crew. Disobeying each rule, depending on the severity, will result in an infraction point. 5 infraction points, and you're kicked out of the faction.

Rule 7 (OOC): Don't metagame knowing where an enemy gangs turf is, unless you have clear solid proof. Doing so without proof, is considered metagame, and we will not stand for that.

Rule 8 (OOC): Try to roleplay as much as you can in the hood, rather than elsewhere. Granted if you're bored, or want to do some fun things, you can dip out and go roleplay in other areas, but we need to roleplay in our own place more often, than going out. It makes us look bad if we dont, so try to stick to that code.

4.HQ,3 Family vehicles (donate for more) Chris_Reardon Gang App Samp0010 OUR HQ Chris_Reardon Gang App Samp0011 HOOD WERE WE NORMALY HANG IF WE COULD WE WOULD WANT , (1) ELEGY (1) HUNTLEY AND (1) SULTAN
RANK 5 : Top Dog
RANK 4 : Pack Leader
RANK 3 : Pack Member
RANK 2 : Street Warrior
RANK 1 : New Meat

6.Skin ids : Has to have BLUE
7.How to join : To ask me IG untill we have a Forum Page


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